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Kidnappers sue Management Institutes and Corporate Houses for inflated CTCs

08, Mar 2015 By Truly Candid !!

New Delhi. We witnessed one of the rarest case in the history of Indian legal System today when Kidnappers Association of India (KAI) filed case against Management Institutes and Corporate Houses. They want court to charge them under Section 415, 420 of Indian Penal Code for cheating and fraud.

The Kidnappers were shocked!
The Kidnappers were shocked!

Their lawyer said in the press conference that his clients are facing difficulties in identifying their target market due to false placement reports and ambiguous corporate offers. Nowadays when every other industry is booming due to economic reforms government has completely ignored their sector. Special kidnapping zones (SKZ’s) opened in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand are not operating as well. Moreover situation is worsening due to non-credible information provided by above institutions.

He mentioned specifically one case where his clients kidnapped a highest package holder from one of the prestigious institute in India but latter found out that 80% part of his CTC was performance based variable component. Truth revealed when the customer (Victim) expressed his desire to remain in captivity. Before being kidnapped, he was living in a one BHK apartment with 6 Roommates after paying his 20% fixed component. Later on the humanitarian grounds, my clients offered him a job in their organisation, which was accepted by him immediately.

We also talked to the chairman of Kidnappers Association of India (KAI) who told us that they have issued a guideline to their members to use only Kidnappers Placement Reporting System (KPRS) certified reports in their Market Research. In the present situations we have blacklisted all tier 2 and tier 3 institutions.

We tried to reach different B schools and their recruiters but they declined to answer our questions. Later their lawyer released a press note whose content is.

“We are in a business where we can’t be transparent as Kidnappers association of India (KAI). Their placement reporting system has some clauses that are not acceptable to us. We believe in mutual Co existence but if someone will challenge foundation of our existence, we are ready for any legal battle.”