Monday, 19th March, 2018


After giving 100 Rs contri for birthday cake, Engineer adds 'Serial investor' in Linkedin bio

18, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

With Budget 2018, yet another time salaried employees feel cheated and unheard by the government. Since total salaried employees who pay taxes in India is less than 1.6%. Many are beginning to feel the heat of being from ‘true minority’ and they have a lot to say. And this is the reason that made Sanil Jain turn into a serial investor. Sanil earns an average entry-level package at a software company in Bengaluru. So giving a 100 Rs contri for cake cutting ceremony of his colleague is also a big thing. This made him add ‘Serial investor’ in his LinkedIn bio.


Sanil joined TQS consulting at an entry-level package of 3.05 Lacs which is a constant throughout India. But his dreams were big. He wanted to invest in Startups, new technology and help freshers or entrepreneurs run their business. Finally, the day arrived when he was going to realize his dream. One of his colleagues named Shwetank approached him and asked for 100 Rs for the cake cutting ceremony of their boss as it was his birthday. Though Sanil had only 110 Rs and some sodexo passes in his wallet, he quickly took out a 100 Rs note and gave it to the colleague. This made everyone stand up and applaud Sanil. Though this was a small step, it is surely going to give him a lot of confidence in achieving his dreams in future. As soon as the news spread across Bengaluru, many Startup guys started approaching Sanil for initial round of funding.

Sanil has even added the skill set of ‘Serial Investor’ in his bio and is hoping that more people will approach him for help after his noble initiative.