Priyanka Gandhi planning to hire Manmohan Singh to teach Vadra the art of handling humiliation

Apr 22, 2014 Comments

Defending Robert Vadra against land grabbing allegations, Priyanka blamed opposition for making false charges and said Robert was feeling very humiliated, as he was not mentally as strong as Manmohan Singh.

Congress congratulates Robert Vadra for getting a clean chit from Priyanka Gandhi

Apr 22, 2014 Comments

After Priyanka Gandhi claimed that her family was being wrongly maligned, Congress has congratulated Robert Vadra for getting this clean chit in all cases of corruption and land grabbing.

IPL players undergo training to remember which team they are part of as tournament progresses

Apr 22, 2014 Comments

“There are some players who have been part of more IPL franchises than the matches they have played in all the seasons so far,” pointed a member of IPL council.

Sahara to raise money for Subrata Roy’s bail by filing defamation cases against people mocking him

Apr 22, 2014 Comments

The entire Sahara Parivar is in the mood of celebration now as an employee has found a novel way of raising Rs. 10,000 cr and securing the release of Sahara Shri Subrata Roy

Pakistani players who praise Narendra Modi will be included in IPL-8: Giriraj Singh

Apr 21, 2014 Comments

Two days after courting controversy by saying that those opposing Narendra Modi would have to go to Pakistan after elections, Giriraj Singh has issued another controversial statement.

Bangladeshis excited about creation of empty space by people planning to leave India once Modi wins

Apr 21, 2014 Comments

With people threatening to leave India or getting threatened of being deported outside India if Narendra Modi comes to power, Bangladeshis are eying the empty space created by their possible migration from India.

Success of “2 States” prompts political parties to create their own version of the movie

Apr 21, 2014 Comments

Seeing how popular the movie has become this election season, all political parties decided to cash in on the popularity by releasing their own versions.

Bachelors protest after frequent questioning by societies in Gurgaon

Apr 20, 2014 Comments

Bachelors from the city have gone into a city wide peaceful protest with daaru, beer and triple riding on bikes, against societies for their frequent questioning on their way of living.

Man pees in pants after failing to find a clean urinal to pee in his office washroom

Apr 19, 2014 Comments

A 28 year old man working as a senior executive in a city based MNC, today had to pee in his pants after his quest to find a preferred, hygienic and clean urinal in his office’s gents toilet yielded no results.

First year students hold election to choose appropriate student to give nickname ‘Baba’

Apr 19, 2014 Comments

First year engineering students of a local college, Gajraj Institute of Technology, are holding election to choose the student who is most eligible to have the much coveted nickname – ‘Baba’.