Facebook India to delete substandard “Photography Pages” of wannabe DSLR photographers

Oct 19, 2014 Comments

Obscenity and hurting sentiments are not the only reason to block some content on Facebook. Now, annoying low standard photography pages are also added in the list of reasons that leads to blocking on Facebook. sued for “faulty products” by unhappily married people

Oct 18, 2014 Comments

“I found my wife Sheetal on the site,” one alleged victim said, “The photo on the site just before I made the blunder showed this Bollywood celebrity happily frolicking with her hubby on the pristine beaches of Maldives.”

After ‘Make in India’, Govt launches ‘Save in Switzerland’ campaign

Oct 18, 2014 Comments

Political leaders all across India were seen supporting ‘Swiss account’ challenge. Some of the leaders even recorded a video of filling Swiss bank application and posted in YouTube and Facebook.

Man not answering phone to make people listen to his newly subscribed caller tune

Oct 18, 2014 Comments

Mannu, who has subscribed to Balliando, latest song by Enrique Iglesias, 6 days back, wants to make sure everybody who calls him, listens to the song and thinks of him as a classy stud.

As Jayalalitha set to come out after getting bail, her supporter living inside jail tries to commit suicide

Oct 17, 2014 Comments

Soon after news of ex-Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s bail being granted became public, Santosh Balakrishnan, an ardent supporter of hers, who was living in the same jail, reportedly tried to commit suicide.

After exit poll results, Shiv Sena reconsidering post poll alliance with its ego

Oct 17, 2014 Comments

“Ego may not have been good for our electoral prospects but even before Balasaheb established alliance with BJP, Ego was our first alliance partner and has remained with us since then,” said an emotional Sanjay Raut, senior Shiv Sena leader.

Assam to be renamed as Gujarat to ensure proper media attention during floods and riots

Oct 17, 2014 Comments

The decision came after the people of Assam felt that the state keeps getting ignored by politicians and media alike when it faces calamities natural or man made.

Vodafone relationship manager asked to manage long distance relationship of couple

Oct 17, 2014 Comments

When Vodafone announced Relationship Managers for post-paid subscribers under its latest RED offers, little did it know that the manager might have to become a “love guru” too.

Seven places you must visit after you die

Oct 16, 2014 Comments

You must have read a lot listicles about places to visit before you die, but what after death? Faking News brings to you list of seven places one must visit after dying.

After Omar Abdullah’s comment, ISIS asks Kashmiri supporters to wave its flags carefully

Oct 16, 2014 Comments

“One can’t be careless while waving or raising the flag of Islamic state. It’s not any random flag with three colors. One has to be respectful,” the ISIS spokesperson said.