Inspired by movies, an unsuccessful lawyer hires people to clap after his arguments to win court cases

Oct 21, 2014 Comments

A lawyer, Mr. Bobby, in his pursuit of long pending success, hired people to clap in courtroom after his arguments (long speech) to get the judgement in his favor. He got this inspiration from movies like Damini, Jolly LLB, OMG – Oh My God, No One Killed Jessica etc.

Man spends his birthday replying “Thank you bhai” to every single wish he got on Facebook

Oct 21, 2014 Comments

Alok Singh, a young man in his mid twenties spent his 25th birthday replying “Thank you bhai” to each and every birthday wish which he got on Facebook.

Indian couple adopt an African child, friends still claim the baby looks a lot like them

Oct 21, 2014 Comments

Bored of listening to comments like “‘yeh toh bilkul tum dono pe gaya hai” to their biological kids, the couple decided to adopt a kid whose features were completely different to both of them to see what friends say now.

“Happy New Year” joins 100 Cr club even before its release

Oct 20, 2014 Comments

The Abhishek Bachchan starrer “Happy New Year” managed to join the 100 cr club, even before the movie has hit the theatres.

Companies offer dry fruits as Diwali gift to employees as they resemble entities sucked of all their happiness: Report

Oct 20, 2014 Comments

A report published in a leading magazine has revealed the actual reason behind dry fruits being the most common item, which private companies gift to their employees on festive occasions like Diwali and Holi.

NCP offers unconditional support to winners of next 5 elections in Maharashtra

Oct 20, 2014 Comments

After offering unconditional outside support to BJP in Maharshtra, NCP has now gone ahead and extended unconditional support to all winning parties of next 5 assembly elections to be held in the state.

Rahul Gandhi requests UNESCO to declare Congress a World Heritage Party and preserve it

Oct 19, 2014 Comments

Considering the looming threat of Congress being completely wiped out from Indian political scene, experts are seeing Rahul’s initiative as a well thought and mature move to save his party.

Indian politicians and policemen mock Obama after his credit card got declined at a restaurant

Oct 19, 2014 Comments

Jag Pal, a constable of Delhi Police went into a fit of uncontrolled laughter when he learnt that US president Obama pays his own restaurant bill and that too by a credit card.

Facebook India to delete substandard “Photography Pages” of wannabe DSLR photographers

Oct 19, 2014 Comments

Obscenity and hurting sentiments are not the only reason to block some content on Facebook. Now, annoying low standard photography pages are also added in the list of reasons that leads to blocking on Facebook. sued for “faulty products” by unhappily married people

Oct 18, 2014 Comments

“I found my wife Sheetal on the site,” one alleged victim said, “The photo on the site just before I made the blunder showed this Bollywood celebrity happily frolicking with her hubby on the pristine beaches of Maldives.”