Man contemplates suicide after visiting all ‘50 Places to Visit Before You Die’

Aug 26, 2015 Comments

In a major blow to Idea of India, Mahendra Lodhi, a successful entrepreneur has written to the President asking his permission to commit suicide. Sources say that he s neither facing any financial distress or relationship stress but still contemplating this Krantikari move.

Nawaz Sharif to judge Dance Pakistan Dance, Pakistan’s first dance reality show

Aug 25, 2015 Comments

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif is all set to play the role of a judge on Pakistan’s first dance reality show, Dance Pakistan Dance. Pakistan’s leading entertainment channel ARY digital made this announcement after plans for the next season of Dance Pakistan Dance were revealed to the media.

Upcoming News Channel to not hire any journalist, will recruit story writers and theater actors instead

Aug 25, 2015 Comments

Famous media house SBEN Network has announced the inauguration date of its brand-new NEWS broadcasting channel Krantikaari TV (KKTV).

Not pampered for long, desperate girl serial comments on her FB profile pics to garner additional likes

Aug 25, 2015 Comments

In what is being called as an attempt to restore the glory of glamour, an engineering student living in Jubilee Hills area of the City of Pearls has reportedly broken the record of serial commenting on her Facebook profile pictures by thanking each person who liked her profile separately.

Govt sets up a ‘Dawood Pakdo Abhiyan’, sets a 2050 deadline to catch him

Aug 25, 2015 Comments

With topic of nabbing Dawood Ibrahim surfacing every now and then, NDA govt has today taken a decisive step to catch the most wanted terrorist alive.

Inspired by Manjhi, corporate employee gets armed with a hammer and chisel to carve his way through a monotonous week

Aug 24, 2015 Comments

Depressed after his love ‘Friday Evening’ passed away so quickly, an employee working for a major IT firm, armed with a hammer and chisel has decided to carve his way through a monotonous week.

3-year old clicks random buy, sell buttons on share-trading app, makes crores amid falling markets

Aug 24, 2015 Comments

In a series of strange events Animesh Kakodkar a.k.a. Chintu, 3 year old son of Ajitesh Kakodkar a share-market broker, made 2.3 crore rupees in 7 minutes using his father’s mobile phone.

We cancelled talks with India as Kashmiri Pulao was not on lunch menu: Nawaz Sharif

Aug 24, 2015 Comments

In another bizarre explanation that has shocked the world, Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif has reportedly blamed the lunch menu on NSA meeting for cancellation of talks with India.

Talks begin on the India-Pakistan FTA (Free Terrorist Agreement)

Aug 23, 2015 Comments

The Indian Government’s enthusiasm in its foreign policy has prompted many developments. The most recent is a Joint working group setup to do a feasibility study for a possible India-Pakistan Free Terrorist Agreement (FTA).

Taking support from AAP is against our political DNA, senior RJD leaders warn Lalu

Aug 22, 2015 Comments

In the quest to stay relevant in Bihar politics, Lalu Prasad Yadav faces the dilemma of his life.