Girl to consult stock market investor to choose boy for arranged marriage

Jul 27, 2014 Comments

After failing to choose a boy for arranged marriage, a girl has decided to consult a stock market investor to find out whom she should invest her love in.

E-commerce sales fall because of increased workload in IT companies

Jul 27, 2014 Comments

Since IT employees have a lot of work and are busy actually working in office, instead of buying stuff online, e-commerce market has taken a hit.

WhatsApp group admins are being preferred for jobs by recruiters: Research

Jul 26, 2014 Comments

A recent survey shows that companies prefer to recruit people who are not just active on WhatsApp, who are ‘Admins’ of WhatsApp those groups.

$10 million prize announced for anyone who can relate appraisal rating and salary hike

Jul 26, 2014 Comments

“We are calling it the Bengaluru- Hyderabad Award and RajuRaju Fellowship for obvious connection of this equation with India,” said a prof from Oxford University, which has offered the prize.

Property brokers become matchmakers as “Homeless Bachelor” market grows

Jul 26, 2014 Comments

Giving a revolutionary jolt to the rapidly saturating tenant market, a Powai based property broker agency has ventured into matchmaking to tap into growing Homeless Bachelor market.

Millions flock to theaters to watch Salman Khan speaking, walking, and blinking eyes

Jul 25, 2014 Comments

As per Salman fans, what sets him apart from other actors, is the way he performs normal daily life activities in his movies even though he has superstar status.

Man leaves gym to join photoshop coaching center to become fitter

Jul 25, 2014 Comments

“This photoshopping is a 100% result oriented exercise which guarantees instant fitness. It has satisfied all those who have practiced it, and that too in just a matter of few hours,” the man argued.

Thief steals laptop of Taran Adarsh, finds 4-5 stars ratings to movies not yet released

Jul 25, 2014 Comments

The thief claims that he read reviews of unreleased films like ‘Singham Returns’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Creatures 3D’ in the laptop of Taran Adarsh.

Engineering students welcome Red Bull Airdrop, want girlfriends dropped next

Jul 25, 2014 Comments

Many colleges across India were pleasantly surprised to find crates carrying Red Bull energy drink cans airdropped on to the campus on Thursday morning.

Dowry of balding engineer decreasing at his hair loss speed, family in hurry to marry him off

Jul 24, 2014 Comments

Chaman Lal, a balding engineer in his mid twenties, is facing serious trouble in cracking a perfect dowry deal due to constant hair fall.