Guy next door ready to help his new neighbor in every possible way after noticing that have a good looking daughter

Nov 23, 2015 Comments

People living in metros often complain of neighbors who are not co-operative enough. But there are few like Rahul who go out of their way to help their neighbors.

Barber disappoints customer by not discussing politics while cutting hair

Nov 22, 2015 Comments

In a major setback to barber community across India, Kallu Naayi committed a blunder by not talking anything regarding politics (a sweet pie for all barbers) while servicing his customer on Saturday afternoon.

PM Modi responds to Rahul’s ‘show me your 56 inch chest’ dare, takes a selfie of his chest and emails it to Rahul Gandhi

Nov 22, 2015 Comments

In an unexpected move, Rahul Gandhi’s ‘show me your 56 inch chest’ dare to PM was responded to after Narendra Modi emailed a selfie of his chest to the Congress Vice President.

Baba Ramdev rebrands Patanjali products; replaces regressive term ‘Ayurvedic’ with catchy ‘Organic’

Nov 21, 2015 Comments

In a tactical shift of business strategy, Baba Ramdev has decided to re-brand Patanjali Yogpeeth products from regressive sounding ‘Ayurvedic’ to relatively ‘Kool and Hep’ sounding ‘Organic’ products.

To boost employee morale, IT companies to come up with their version of Pay Commission

Nov 21, 2015 Comments

Finally Achche din is in horizon for 4 Crore Govt employees and pensioners . Today 7th pay commission have come up with recommendation to increase salary by 23.5%.

WHO to fund a team of researchers to study ‘Modi’ allergy after seeing the extreme case of Mani Shankar Aiyar

Nov 20, 2015 Comments

After looking at some of the statements of Mani Shankar Aiyer in the context of P.M. Narendra Modi,WHO has appointed a panel to do a study on the new allergen ‘Modi’.

Man going regularly to gym for 2 days now, excited to share that he has lost 0.05 Kilos of weight

Nov 20, 2015 Comments

Senior associate principal software engineer with local software company ABCTechSoft Solutions, Mr Rosej Shah who has gained 12 KG of weight in past 6 months has happily declared that he is on the right track to good health and fitness owing to his regular gym sessions.

Beckham voted sexiest man; Congress cries foul, says ‘It was Rahul Gandhi but Modi fudged results during UK visit’

Nov 19, 2015 Comments

The blame game between Congress and BJP has now reached the list of sexiest man alive. David Beckham’s name as the sexiest man alive has not gone down well with the Congress party.

Hollywood actors advised to consult Alok Nath and Emraan Hashmi before releasing their movies in India

Nov 19, 2015 Comments

Just after clipping some scenes from the movie ‘Spectre’, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, the Central Board of
Film Certification (CBFC) has advised foreign actors to consult Super Sanskaari Shri Alok Nath and serial kisser Emraan Hashmi before releasing their movies in India.

All kids below 30 years of age need to be kept away from Adult content, says CBFC on Spectre-cuts

Nov 19, 2015 Comments

Sharply hitting back at critics, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has defended the Kiss-cuts in recent bond movie Spectre.