Spotting an empty Virar local upon reaching Churchgate, man bunks office to return home

May 21, 2015 Comments

Unable to resist the temptation of travelling in an empty Virar local without being thrown out, Rahul Rastogi, a lifelong Borivli resident, decided to skip office and return home directly from Churchgate station itself.

In Tweets: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals, Eliminator

May 21, 2015 Comments

Best tweets from the match through its team (IndianPsycho) and some other twitter users, in the form of a commentary.

Najeeb Jung thanks AAP for making him the first known governor to masses

May 20, 2015 Comments

In the midst of his feud with Delhi CM, Lt Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung today thanked Aam Aadmi Party for making him the first known governor to Indian masses.

UPSC aspirant since 4 years, nominated as PM’s think-tank chief, based on Facebook rants

May 20, 2015 Comments

Dismayed at the state of affairs in the nation currently, Rahul Yadav from the city has written an open letter to the PM offering him a “golden chance”(sic) to appoint him as chief of his think-tank.

Before meeting with Kejriwal, Pranab Mukherjee rechecks if his own appointment is valid

May 19, 2015 Comments

Shaitaan Khopdi™, Faking News reporter, spoke to President in an exclusive interview.

Travel agent handling Modi’s foreign trips, tops Forbes India’s latest list of millionaires

May 19, 2015 Comments

Travel agent Nawal Kishore who is handling PM Modi’s foreign trips for last one year is at the top of Forbes India’s latest list of millionaires which was published recently

Facebook Wall of Modi after he claims that Indians were not proud earlier

May 19, 2015 Comments

FB wall of PM Modi claiming that earlier people felt ashamed of being born as Indian and that now they are proud.

Lt Governor seen eating Chhole Bhature at roadside stall, AAP alleges connections with food industry

May 18, 2015 Comments

AAP supremo Arvind Kejrwal has even written a tough worded letter to LG and has strictly “requested“ him to behave within confines of the constitution.

Producers of Bombay Velvet to now charge celebs who watched free previews to recover losses

May 18, 2015 Comments

Now that Bombay Velvet has turned out to be a box office disaster, producers of the film have decided to take some unheard of steps to minimize losses.

Man appearing to be in deep thought actually trying to deliver a fart

May 17, 2015 Comments

Nagpur.  Bored of writing about politics and cricket, we decided to take a break and write about what common women & men do everyday in and out of our roads. On our way for some topic, we saw this 27-year old guy sitting in the park bench for around 30 minutes. He appeared to be in…