After engineering, two college buddies on the verge of break-up as long distance relationship not working for them

Nov 26, 2014 Comments

After passing out of college in 2012, while Arpit joined a company in Bangalore, Anoop moved to Delhi.

Company to organize parents-boss meeting on the lines of parents-teacher meet to discuss employees’ performance before appraisal

Nov 25, 2014 Comments

Company’s decision is being seen as a step towards achieving CEO Narayan Shankar’s aim of increasing involvement of employees’ parents in career progression of employees.

Man ends childhood friendship as his friend fails to post Facebook’s ‘Say Thanks’ video for him

Nov 25, 2014 Comments

Sonu, who believes Facebook is the sole reason for human existence and also holds an opinion that a man is judged by his deeds on this virtual world, yesterday ended the 20-year-old friendship with his best friend Monu.

Modi to follow cricket model, to continue meeting Pak counterpart Nawaz at neutral venues

Nov 25, 2014 Comments

Just like in the game of cricket, India has cut all bilateral ties with Pakistan, but continues to face them at world events on neutral venues; Modi has decided to meet his Pakistan counterpart in SAARC SUMMIT to be held at neutral venue in Kathmandu.

Chetan Bhagat sues Chetan Bhagat for plagiarizing Chetan Bhagat’s life in Chetan Bhagat’s “Two States”

Nov 25, 2014 Comments

Chetan Bhagat, just another Indian having a view on everything, has sued Chetan Bhagat, the best-selling author, for plagiarizing the common man Chetan Bhagat’s life in Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel “Two States”.

Commuters traveling in Mumbai locals during peak hours happiest: Study

Nov 24, 2014 Comments

In a study comprising of detailed interviews of nearly 500 persons about how they feel when they reach home after work, it was found that the nearly 350 commuters who reached home in a crowded trains were full of energy.

Kinley’s “Boond Boond Mein Sacchai” ad more suitable for a liquor brand than mineral water: Experts

Nov 24, 2014 Comments

The commercial shows a girl drinking Kinley mineral water at night and calling her father to tell the truth that she had lied to him and currently she is in Lonavala with her friends, all because she felt the need to do so after drinking Kinley.

Shiv Sena-BJP to look upto SRK-Salman patch up for ‘re-alliance’ in Maharashtra

Nov 24, 2014 Comments

If reports are to be believed, Shiv Sena and BJP have decided to take inspiration from recent patch up of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan for a ‘re-alliance’ in Maharashtra.

Man who quit gym in three days reveals, “I just wanted new shoes”

Nov 23, 2014 Comments

28-year-old James Lazly who quit the gym after just three days revealed today that he joined the gym just because he wanted new shoes and his wife was not letting him buy a pair.

Couple plans Game Of Thrones themed wedding, no guests show up fearing death

Nov 23, 2014 Comments

Game of Thrones is notorious for its violent wedding. From Dothraki weddings to Red wedding to Purple wedding, it has a long list of weddings where people have died.