Yogendra Yadav to open a mini press club at his residence for quick Press Confrerences

Mar 30, 2015 Comments

“Of late, the need for having a Press Club in my house has become even more important than having a washroom,” Yogendra said.

Man turns politician after addressing a large crowd in Delhi Metro

Mar 29, 2015 Comments

It all started after the man slipped on a banana peel while boarding the Metro. He got annoyed and started cursing the system, drawing immediate attention from everyone.

Exclusive transcript of AAP meeting that saw Yadav and Bhushan removed

Mar 29, 2015 Comments

Faking News has been able to acquire a full transcript of what really went on inside the AAP National Executive meet yesterday.

BCCI to buy New Zealand country ahead of #CWC15 final

Mar 28, 2015 Comments

BCCI today has announced that the board is in talks with the government of New Zealand to buy the country and make her become the first colony of Republic of India.

Quota activist stops consuming milk products to stay away from anything “creamy-layer”

Mar 28, 2015 Comments

Veteran quota activist and minority rights evangelist Animesh Bhasudia shocked his twitter followers yesterday evening by tweeting that he would not be consuming any milk products ever in his life again.

ATM machine starts dispensing peanuts soon after bonus announcements

Mar 27, 2015 Comments

HR executive, Miss Jhagdalu Sharma from Manjulika Tech screamed her heart out – “…I was trying to withdraw money from my account… but the ATM machine started vending peanuts instead…#%F-word%#”

IIN students develops a mobile court called Idea Court of Justice

Mar 27, 2015 Comments

IIN students have developed a mobile court. This is not the court that goes from one place to another, but a court that functions via mobile phones.

Inspired by TV soaps, News channels to add background scores to debates

Mar 27, 2015 Comments

In an attempt to increase TRPs for their shows, prominent news channels are believed to have been working on a “background score” technique.

Kejriwal writes a thank you letter to Dhoni and Times Now for shifting focus off AAP’s massive internal war

Mar 27, 2015 Comments

“I was wrong about Arnab ji all along. He is not anti-AAP and certainly not anybody’s agent,” Kejriwal told Faking News.

Achhe Din works in World Cup, team batting during Day in D/N matches found winning

Mar 27, 2015 Comments

It’s no more a secret that when major cricket playing nations clashed in this year’s world cup, whoever batted first during day time in day & night encounters, won the match by handsome margin.