Journalist kidnapped on Live TV while reporting that there is no Jungleraj in Bihar

May 28, 2016 Comments

A leading English language news editor was kidnapped on live TV while he was doing a story on the fake allegations of Jungleraj in Bihar

Concerned with India’s dominance, Donald Trump promises to scrap Spelling Bee if elected President

May 27, 2016 Comments

India’s dominance at the Spelling Bee competition may be a reason for celebration for the diaspora but it has rubbed the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump the wrong way.

MNC Employees spending 25% of their time in filling documents for reimbursements- Study

May 27, 2016 Comments

study conducted by a leading research firm has established that employees working in MNCs are now spending 25% of their working time in filling forms for reimbursements.

Class XII student starts studying 18 hrs a day after hearing about IIT Goa

May 26, 2016 Comments

16 years old student of class 12th, Sanjay Vashishth, has started studying 18 hrs a day after the announcement of an IIT in Goa

Indian-Chinese wedding disrupted after guests find fried cockroaches in food

May 26, 2016 Comments

Weddings can be loud, but it’s not everyday that the cops are called to break up a riot because of one. It happened in Delhi last weekend.

To rival Cannes, KRK to launch Cants to celebrate movie industry flops

May 26, 2016 Comments

Legendary Bollywood actor KRK is all set to give competition to Cannes with Cant

SBI threatens to auction Virat Kohli to recover dues from Vijay Mallya

May 24, 2016 Comments

In their latest attempt to recover money from Vijay Mallya, SBI has threatened to put RCB’s Virat Kohli up for auction if Mallya doesn’t pay them the amount he owes.

Pranab Mukherjee does way with NEET, but insists on having a Common Handwriting Test for entry into medical colleges

May 24, 2016 Comments

Students across state government boards heaved a sigh of relief after it was reported that they won’t have to sit for NEET, thanks to the President. But the struggle to get into a prestigious medical institute will still need some struggle after President Mukherjee hinted at having a Common Handwriting Test for all medical aspirants.

Mark Zuckerberg to launch another Facebook for wedding pictures, will be called Matribook

May 24, 2016 Comments

Facebook will now launch a separate website for your wedding pics

Chinnaswamy stadium’s pitch curator asked to make Bengaluru roads, pothole free flat roads expected

May 24, 2016 Comments

Karnataka Government will ask Chinnaswamy Stadium’s pitch curator to make their roads flat and pothole free