England team decides to find a girlfriend for Suresh Raina, ECB to pay for her tours

Aug 30, 2014 Comments

After being startled by losing to India in the second one-day match where Raina hit a century, England is working on a strategy to spoil Raina’s performance.

Anushka Sharma undergoes training after she is blamed yet again for Virat Kohlis’s poor performance

Aug 29, 2014 Comments

Anushka will be undertaking rigorous net practice on the eve of every ODI against England. She is also expected to make the technical and mental adjustments in her batting that experts have advised Virat to make.

Obsession to accept Ice Bucket Challenge declared viral illness; another challenge starts to raise awareness about it

Aug 29, 2014 Comments

As madness of accepting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues across the world, World Health Organization has declared obsession to take up this task a viral mental illness.

Bangalore autodriver makes it to the Forbes list of millionaires

Aug 29, 2014 Comments

Mr. Muni Kariappa has been an auto driver for over 30 years and all his hard work had paid off when he was finally announced as a millionaire by Forbes today.

Depressed IT engineer’s blood group changes from B+ to O-

Aug 28, 2014 Comments

Mr. Sadanand Udaasi (name changed to protect identity) got the shock of his life after his recent blood tests revealed that his blood group had changed from B+ to O- .

Rajnath Singh hints at “Friendship Jihad”, BJP members being converted into Congress agents

Aug 28, 2014 Comments

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has hinted at a possible malicious campaign by the opposition Congress party to silently convert BJP members into Congress agents, who plant news in media.

AAP claims coming back to life of Chandra Mohan Sharma a proof that God is with AAP

Aug 28, 2014 Comments

“It is a miracle. Tell me one person who survived after being burnt to death. This proves that god/allah/bhagwan/waheguru is with us,” AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal argued.

Team India mistakes second ODI for a practice match, and wins

Aug 28, 2014 Comments

In what can be termed as a blessing in disguise, the Indian cricket team mistook the second ODI against England to be a practice match, played well and went on to win the match.

Girl asks boyfriend to buy her a Xiaomi mobile from Flipkart to prove his love

Aug 27, 2014 Comments

Xiaomi mobiles, which are available only on Flipkart are infamous for getting sold out in just few seconds. This rarity of getting a mobile booked is what prompted Priya to use it as a test to check genuinity of his boyfriend’s love for her.

Inspired by Sheila Dixit, former cricketers resign from commentary to play again

Aug 27, 2014 Comments

Many of these retired cricketers who later took up commentary just like an engineer takes up MBA right after Engineering, now carry ambitions of donning Indian colors once again.