TOI to appreciate beauty by installing cameras below seats of actresses during Filmfare awards

Sep 15, 2014 Comments

After arguing that their tweet referring to Deepika Padukone’s cleavage was just an attempt to compliment her beauty that everyone should be aware of, TOI has now gone a step further to compliment bollywood actresses.

Apple to introduce custom iPhones for AAP supporters

Sep 14, 2014 Comments

hile the name of the phone has not yet been revealed, gambling sites are already taking bets on the probable names of the device, the favorites being iPhone6A, AAPhone and iPhone83B.

Thrilled with new speed of IRCTC website, man books thousands of tickets with no intention to travel

Sep 14, 2014 Comments

Enthused by the superb speed of bookings on the new IRCTC website, a man from Delhi has booked tickets worth four million kilometers in last three months.

Yogendra Yadav to sleep on pavements of Bangalore to prevent bikers from using it

Sep 14, 2014 Comments

In a smart move to prevent bikers from using Bangalore pavements to bypass traffic, AAP leader has decided to sleep on different pavements every day to increase awareness and stop the bikers from using it.

Narendra Modi planning to gift iPhone-6 to Obama to improve ties with US

Sep 13, 2014 Comments

After Modi’s recent visit to Japan where he gifted Bhagavad Gita to the Japanese king as a mark of gratitude, Narendra Modi is now planning to gift the precious iPhone-6 to Barack Obama during his visit to the US later this month.

Software engineer regularly talking with clients from different nations develops bizarre English accent

Sep 13, 2014 Comments

In an incident that has left his family in shatters – software engineer Bharat Pandey has developed an accent that has made his English totally incorrigible and unable to comprehend.

After Vinod Rai’s allegations, Manmohan Singh reveals he was drugged into inaction for 10 years

Sep 12, 2014 Comments

After former CAG alleged that Manmohan Singh was aware of the scams and yet didn’t do anything to stop those, Dr. Singh has revealed that he was forcibly kept on drugs between 2004 and 2014.

Yogendra Yadav offers his internal surveys data for govt formation in Delhi to break deadlock

Sep 12, 2014 Comments

In order to break deadlock of government formation in Delhi, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav today offered to share raw data of his internal surveys to decide which party should come to power in the city

Addicted to staring at mobile screen, man using mobile camera to see things instead of directly using eyes

Sep 11, 2014 Comments

Phonish, a self confessed mobile addict says he just can’t remove his eyes from the mobile screen.

Man house hunting in Mumbai found more stressed than software engineer

Sep 11, 2014 Comments

“First time he visited me, he looked so stressed that I thought he was either a software engineer or a person whose maid was on leave,” the doctor told Faking News.