Man inspired from Internet Explorer doing what he actually wants to do without caring what others think

Oct 30, 2014 Comments

Saurabh is a huge fan of IE’s cool attitude and the way it handles criticism without changing the way it works.

AAP to move SC against SC after SC praises LG’s decision to consult all parties for govt formation in Delhi

Oct 30, 2014 Comments

“Till yesterday I was thinking that Supreme Court is an independent entity when they pulled up BJP govt on black money issue, but today I am saddened to say even it is working in collusion with BJP,” Kejriwal declared.

My name too should be kept secret and given to court in a sealed envelope, demands pickpocket

Oct 29, 2014 Comments

“There is so much of fuss over the names of Swiss Bank account holders having billions of dollars being made public, I too am a citizen of the same country and thus deserve similar treatment,” said the pickpocket pointing to the small gain accruing to him for his petty crime.

As India blocks Chinese troops from constructing road, China offers to do it under FDI

Oct 29, 2014 Comments

After Indian troops’ recent blocking of attempts by the China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers to construct a road in the Asaphila region of Arunachal Pradesh, the Chinese have applied to the Indian government for construction of this road under the FDI route.

3 year old property dealer found in Haryana

Oct 29, 2014 Comments

“He sits daily in his office with a staff of 5 people and sells properties faster than he can count till 10,” disclosed boy’s 25 year old personal secretary.

To reduce count of cigarette consumption per day, man starts smoking longer cigarettes

Oct 29, 2014 Comments

With the help of his idea, Vineet has successfully managed to bring down daily count from 12 cigarettes to 8 cigarettes.

Man decides to take a road trip to Leh on Google Maps after boss rejects his leave request

Oct 28, 2014 Comments

Earlier, Anoop and his three friends who live in Mumbai itself, were planning to take a roadtrip of a lifetime, but things didn’t work out the way they were expecting.

Businessman divorced after failing to make it to the black money list

Oct 28, 2014 Comments

Mr. Dhanraj Singh Kaala, a successful businessman and neighbour of one of the businessmen named in the list, while is relieved that he has not been named but is facing predicament of a divorce, after a long marriage of thirty years, for reasons best explained by his wife.

HNY makers hit out at critics that gave film more than 2 stars, claim such good ratings affecting film’s box office performance

Oct 28, 2014 Comments

“In India, we have time and again seen an indirect correlation between the critics’ ratings and the box office performance of the films. People tend to confuse good rated films with some intellectual and sensible stuff and keep away from cinema halls,” Farah explained how critics hampered HNY’s collections.

Al Qaeda and ISIS baffled as IT companies in India plan to hire their self motivated jihadis

Oct 27, 2014 Comments

The top brass of the leading IT firms have held a joint press meeting to explain this move and have pointed to following advantages of hiring Jihadis: -