Bangalore. Anil Adarsh, a young executive who had been working his arse off in a software services company, today joined Deshbhakt Aadmi Party (DAP) to work his arse off in a mass movement.

Anil was disillusioned with corporate life where he used to work hard day in and day out, and his boss used to get all the credit and promotions to get ahead in corporate life.


Anil is hopeful of bringing change

Now he will work hard day in and day out and help the leaders of DAP get ahead in public life.

However, Anil insists that there is a qualitative difference.

“I will not take any salary. I am not doing it for money,” he explained.

Dhiraj Prasad, now the ex-boss of Anil, has accepted the 26-year-old executive’s resignation and has wished him all the best in this career move.

“I didn’t know that salary part was hurting him so much,” he told Faking News, “If his idea was to work without any salary, we could have stopped paying him any salary long back.”

Anil reiterated that guys like Harendra and this reporter will not get it.

“It’s different,” he said about Deshbhakt Aadmi Party, “I will be working for the betterment of the society. I will be part of a revolution. It’s not about my future; it’s about future of the country.”

Anil hopes to use his skills to spread the message of DAP among his social circle and inspire more people to join the movement.

When asked how was he so sure about integrity and motives of people he would be working for, he said, “These people are good.”

Anil is confident that this new phase in his life will not be as banal as boring as earlier.

Meanwhile sources say that Dhiraj Prasad, the boss, is also planning to join DAP after a few weeks.

“He is waiting for his contractual term to get over, get the severance package, secure his family’s financial needs, and then make a new career move,” a source revealed, “He could be given a senior role in DAP given his experience and expertise.”

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  • Viresh

    Class satire PP! Now wait for AAPtatds ;)

    • Rahul

      Why bring AAP here?

      • jopiniona

        Dude – this is a satire on all the folks leaving their cushy jobs for AAP…

  • Raj

    “I didn’t know that salary part was hurting him so much,”
    totally ROFL moment! :D

    • Gu’an

      Hey Faking news, have you guys thought about your revenue models once modi gets routed out and his APCO funding stops coming your way?

  • Jdkdj

    End delivers the final punch. Kudos PP!!

  • naveen

    Excellent satire though wrongly aimed. Even though I myself quit my job n joined aap, i enjoyed it. Everybody makes his own move guys, dont judge.

    • sd

      Why don’t judge? Judge. Please judge. People who are trying to help AAP give a clean and better governance by leaving jobs are my heroes. I haven’t been able to muster courage or I would do the same. I am sinking with this sinking country dude, whether I realize it or not. Why does Warren Buffet pledge his wealth for charity, or Gates? Why not Ambani? People should judge, and feel the warmth of respect inside them. PP can make his money taking potshots at everyone. Doesn’t make him more useful to us than you. If you succeed, you will pull me out of this mess in due time. If he succeeds, well, we will get some good time-pass. Not comparable

  • Boss Hater

    Hell,Boss will be senior here too……Man make us happy, at least here he should be Junior.

    To all the Political tards,don’t bring your politics everywhere.

  • sd

    Dear PP, please write another article about how many ‘fools’ died and some people got the reins when the country became independent. Or how many people die on both sides of borders while govts and brokers make a healthy business out of war. Or is it only people’s personal sacrifices to help AAP, what sounds illogical to you?