Mumbai. Student of the year, Varun Dhawan’s blooper at Koffee with Karan, where he said that Manmohan Singh was the President of India, has sent a shock wave (bigger than Modi wave or AAP wave) across the middle class of India.


Varun Dhawan lost in his own little world.

What has hurt the most is the surprising fact that despite being unaware of a basic general knowledge question, Varun was doing quite well, money and career wise.

“My 12 year old son, Chintu knows the names of CMs of all Indian states. All I dream is that he continues with the same pace and clear IIT after passing 12th. But even after that he will get a job like 10 lakh per annum, but that guy Varun is getting crore for each of his project even without knowing President’s name. Hey bhagwan!” argued Alok Sharma, a bank employee, justifying his angst against Varun.

Parents are afraid that Varun’s blatant display of dumbness will have a negative impact on their children, who treat Bollywood stars as their idols.

While parents are worried, students are excited. “I was enthralled to see Varun’s and Alia’s response to the question. Remembering name of PM and President has nothing to do with doing good in life,” said Bittu, a class 9th student of Delhi public school.

“It’s a political conspiracy, they want us to remember their names. That’s why such questions are asked in exams,” Bittu added further, flaunting his conspiracy theory knowledge which he acquired from YouTube.

However, Varun has his own explanation of the matter. “If you remember the school in Student Of the Year, that was high class and there we were not expected to know answer of middle class questions like, ‘Who is President of India’,” said Varun Dhawan. “There, we were not suppose to overload our starry brain with useless stuffs.”

Varun reinforced his logic by giving example of Alia Bhatt, who is a pass out of the same school. She reportedly said name of Prithviraj “Chauhan” as name of India’s President.

When Faking News asked why Siddharth Malhotra could come up with the correct answer on the show despite being from the same school, Varun quipped, “In SOTY, Sid was from a middle-class family, and on a scholarship.”

Not impressed with these answers, Indian Parents Association (IPA) has requested the government to conduct a GK test of all the star kids to check if they are suffering from some kind of ‘Knowledge Malnutrition’.

Meanwhile, sources close to PMO say that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was very happy with Varun Dhawan. “No one acknowledges Manmohan Singh’s role in Indian government. People think he doesn’t exist. But Varun treated him with so much kindness. One of the best things to have happened to him before retirement,” a PMO source revealed.

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  • Common Man

    After listening to these stupid and rubbish answers how would you expect these people to get Fame and Name , but the poor boys and girls who still study under the street light does not get 0.01 % of it nor any appreciation from these Hopeless People.

  • Dhiru98

    Hillarious article as always, but I do have to say that most bollywood actors are real dumbasses, including these spoilt star kids.

  • Ichhadhari Naag

    In a rebuttal to this article, Varun called for a press conference to announce that he had an IQ of 160.

    When one of the reporters asked him if he knew the full form of IQ, he asked them if they knew who his father was.

  • WhoGivesAFish

    If the friggin Prez or the PM for that matter did something worthwhile, the entire country would be buzzing with their names. I know a few people who thing Prathiba Ji is still the Prez :P Just goes to show the sad state of Politics in India.
    On another note. It’s ironic that he was the Student of the Year!
    India main hi aisa hota hai, bhaiya sab chalta hai :)

  • mal

    These stars are really creating a bad impact but what will happen if they are invited to KBC definitely this thing will be a night mare for them to excel in IQ