Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet drew reactions from various groups and individuals.

Even in a high fever, Arvind Kejriwal took a principal stand on Secularism.

Even in a high fever, Arvind Kejriwal took a principled stand on Secularism.

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  • vj

    best one …when kejriwal had to mention his sikularism… MAst one

    • WhoCares

      Crocodile-tears by Modi.

      During riots Modi said,”For every action there is an opposite reaction.”

      Now, just before elections, Modi says,”Riots shook me to the core.”

      • V

        Idiot. The action-reaction line was said by Rajiv Gandhi in the aftermath of 1984 and not by Modi.

      • JK

        You are such an ass man

      • focus

        modi statement was cooked up by TOI, just like 15K rescue report

  • SkyWalker

    Headline: Kejriwal delivers ‘water’ to thirsty Delhi :P

    • mohd_gndu

      u mean his waters?

      the kind that ajit dada pawar had promised sometime back?

      • Distr0z3m

        ur display name….!! haha… cant stop laughing…. “mohd_gndu” is missing an “a”.

  • Rohit

    twitter handle for Nitin Gadkari ‘GayForSamosa’ lol

  • Vijay Gupta

    Now Kejriwal himself needs water to cool down his fever

    • Guest

      and wash his ass too

      • Guesttoo

        @Guest, you are not even fit to lace his boot let alone talk about him.

      • Distr0z3m

        But he chose a better option… clean his ass with your face… you ignorant fools will never realise the corruption by BJP and Congress… you just want to see the old asses glue their butts to the chair no matter how relentlessly they mug you….

  • Ture Indian

    Faking news is paied sattire by Modi brigade………Never seen any thing against Modi…..

    • True Indian

      Wish your father had paid your school to teach you some spellings and some IQ (to use search button to see news on Modi), but your father was busy asslicking Gandhis.

      • WhoCares

        Wish your father had used birth control but he was also busy arse-licking Modi-Madhu Shrivastava-Yedurappa. If you know how to search show me the negative articles on Modi on fukingnews.

        And “Ture Indian” is talking about negative articles on Kejriwal not about the Gandhis.

        • I Care

          wish your father was not so frustrated and didn’t have sex with a bitch that gave birth to half-dog like you who likes to eat poop of Kejriwal, who himself likes to eat poop of Rahul Gandhi.
          and dear doggy, only recently this stupid fakingnews published news making fun of Modi for his history (Political parties to hire from IITs) chutiyas of fakingnews didn’t even care to check that Modi was right in his historical facts but yet made fun of Modi so that half-dogs like you are happy.. on snoopgate this idiot fakingnews made fun of Modi (making Mallika Sherwat’s father asking Modi to stalk her).. there have been so many news where chutiya fakingnews has made fun of Modi (they are paid by Congis to do that) but half-dogs like you are illiterate not to read it.
          now if you are done with licking ass of Kejriwal, who is licking ass of Rahul Gandhi, lick your own balls as half-doggies do.

          • indian

            good reply

          • WhoCares

            Hey you fool-doggie, I wish I can bad-mouth your mother but my upbringing won’t allow me to do it, unlike your upbringing.

            If you think the article “Political parties to hire from IITs” is a fun making post on Modi only then you are a retard. And the comments I saw on that article only one poster had written something on Modi.

            Modi can’t even hold a candle to Arvind. Arvind left his cushy job as IRS commissioner to serve mother India; after his BTech from IIT KGP he could have gone to US and made millions; but he is here, in his motherland, strruggling, fasting.

            It is really funny that Congress calls AAP the B-team of BJP and BJP calls AAP the B-team of Cong. This speaks volume about the nature of the two parties. They don’t want an honest person to lead India. Both are corrupt, power hungry.

            What are Modi’s accomplishments? Development? I am a Gujarati living in Gujarat and I know the truth. Gujarat was progressive even under Suresh Patel and Keshubhai Patel. The state of development in Gujarat has to do more with the industrious nature of us Gujaratis.

            He uses public money to waste them on useless events like Vibrant Gujarat. Google it and you will find the crores of money that he has used from the public exchequer without any investment against it.

            You are an ignorant and spout only what you hear from your BJP masters. Gujarat is home to a large number of malnourished children. In fact, every third child in Gujarat is malnourished. This was reported by none other than the CAG (lifted the lid off the 2G scam as well).

            BJP has a number of criminals in its party. For instance, the Congress in Madhya Pradesh has 22% of its candidates facing serious criminal charges compared with 15% in 2008. In the case of the BJP, 16% of its candidate list are people with serious criminal cases compared with 10% in 2008. In Delhi, among the various political parties whose candidates have declared criminal cases against them, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tops the chart with 31 out of 68 candidates (46 per cent).

            And, we all know the truth about 2002 riots. Modi had said, “For every action there is an opposite reaction.” And now he is crying croc-tears.

            Wake up from your ignorance. There is only one honest party in India – AAP

          • Distr0z3m

            Very true… AAP will do good… it has gotten into drain to clean it…now all we can do is either support AAP in their motive to clean the nation or just sit and speak shit like these useless BJP and Congress crackheads.

            As far as Modi’s work… We all really know what he hasn’t done…Some ignorant dumbasses have beensaying he has done a lot…but what??!! can anyone care to mention few… I don’t really know what he has done in past 10 years..

          • Manish

            this comment has made me sure that I will never vote for AAP. you are a party of bigots.

          • WhoCares

            Manish, your reasoning power is as good as the size of your brain. Just read about Arvind Kejriwal to know what he has done for India.
            Can you leave your job and fast for 10 days?

          • NonCongressiSecular

            @who Cares…….boss these are hired commenters. They dot understand facts. There job is to comment . Modi did great modi did this wonder and that wonder, They dont know exactly what modi actually did apart from dividing India on communal grounds. And how he is licking his own spit……” i was shattered to core of my heart ………crocodile tears.

          • M

            Ure fighting with BJP paid Bots !!!

      • True India

        ^ The fake “true Indian”. I hope you are one of those fake FB commenter hired by Modi Brigade. So your IQ fits your job. I wont comment on your father or mother. ……..And if one is against Modi ( every person who consider himself human should be) That doesn’t mean he is congressi, which I am not.

  • Himalayanbluerocks

    This should have been the part of article with aap ka troll account :P

  • Kunal Sharma

    most funny thing i have come across, hilarious !