Mumbai. After reports of it exiting from the non-vegetarian restaurant business Chicken Came First (CCF) and other non-veg business, Reliance is mulling over launching few innovative offerings to appease religious investors as their last ditch attempt to save this line of business.

Ambani who is a vegetarian himself is pleased with efforts of his R&D team.

Ambani who is a vegetarian himself is pleased with efforts of his R&D team.

These offerings are being considered to win over the huge number of vegetarian Jain and Gujarati investors of Reliance who have serious reservations about chicken business and have disliked the idea on religious and ethical grounds.

As a part of their first offering, Reliance has decided to launch vrat wala chicken. They are confident this product would gel well with the sentiments of their investors and will also create a storm in the Indian market due to its unique feature of solving the long standing dilemma (of a person fasting) between mind and stomach during fasts.

Explaining what led to Reliance’s taking this decision a source from company said, “Fasting is a common practice among Hindus in India. And these dishes would cater to this segment. Further it is in line with the already available dishes like Vrat wali Aloo Tikki, Navratri Papdi Chaat, Aloo Masala Chaat etc in the market by leading players like Haldiram. We are only extending it to the non-veg segment.”

As per the R&D team of CCF at Reliance, the vrat wala chicken would be cooked without garlic and onion and in sendha namak making it comparatively less spicy but an ideal mouth watering non-veg food for fasting. This would be their flagship product and would be sold under the brand name of Murg Satvik.

Another dish that Reliance is contemplating to introduce is Veg Chicken which would exclusively cater to the vegetarian population. This dish made would be made by cooking a vegetarian chicken ie: a chicken who was on a vegetarian diet and would thus be called Murg Shakhahari.

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  • Rishi

    I wanted to die laughing reading this…

  • Badarinath Katti

    I bet this piece of article has come from a jain or gujrati.. otherwise nobody has this in depth knowledge!

  • Rasfs

    Written in very poor taste.

    It is not even a satire/sarcasm. Could not get any humor out of this. All nonsense.

    • niranjanchatterjee

      Is it all nonsense?
      I feel you don’t have any sense of humor and are not aware of the reality.
      Feel sorry for you.

    • kya kahu…

      Relax Motaabhai….Ambani tujhe jabarjasti chicken khilane tere ghar nahi aayega…..aur ha, aapka khakhra aur khaman ka dhandha kaisa chal raha…majaa maa?

  • niranjanchatterjee

    This is absolutely out of the world.
    Excellent would be an understatement.

  • Na.. Mo..

    vrat wala chicken…

  • KV

    Reliance telecom will filter all ‘Non Veg’ jokes as the next step to ‘respect’ the ‘sentiments’ of their investors :D

  • Ponting

    read the entire news, then realized its faking news.. lol… was wondering for 5 minutes if Reliance is actually launching Murg Shakhari…