Mumbai. Realizing that he could make more news by cracking an alleged sexist joke during a college festival than he could manage in his entire music career, talented singer of Euphoria band fame Palash Sen has decided to pull down curtains on his music career. He will now focus on cracking similar jokes and make a living out of it.

“After working for 3 decades in the field of music, he could only manage getting sporadic recognition and fame in form of invitations by colleges, birthday parties, or Mata ki Chowkis to perform. But a sexist joke, and he was trending nationally on Twitter!” a close aide of Palash explained why the singer decided to siege the opportunity.

Palash Sen

Palash Sen in a sexist pose

“The moment I started trending on Twitter, I knew I had made it large,” Palash Sen candidly admitted, “Wish there was Twitter earlier. Saala aise hi Music mein borbaad kor diya pura jeevan.

The Delhi based singer however claimed that he didn’t know that he was cracking a sexist joke that will help him become a national news.

“I just wanted to lighten the mood and went with the done to death joke formats. But never in my wildest dream did I imagine it would become such a big issue. Probably I should frequently be on Twitter and watch English news channels to understand how can I repeat this success,” the Delhi based singer said.

The 48 year old singer has now hired a few staunch feminists from Twitter, who would guide him in learning which jokes are misogynist and would result in maximum outrage on Twitter and TV.

Many of these feminists were selected after they were successfully able to find sexism in all his old songs. “What a chauvinist song is Maaeri (माई री). Why not Baaperi (बाप री),” angrily asked a feminist, making Palash beam with confidence of trending for another day on Twitter.

Kaise bhoolegi mera naam. How sexist of you to imply women suffer from Alzheimer disease,” said another feminist who took 12 hours to come up with this reasoning.

“Dude! I never knew I was always so sexist!” Palash Sen is reported to have said, which was immediately objected by feminists who made him apologize for addressing them as “dude” when he should have used “dudine”.

Convinced that he was as sexist as it can get, Palash is now confident of starting a new innings.

“Cracking sexist jokes is anyway much easier than composing songs,” he explained.

Experts have lauded Palash’s move and feel that he can make it big here quite easily, because there is an existing and booming market of outrage.

“While the services sector for outrage was already there, Palash Sen has taken first step towards getting the manufacturing sector in place. So he will definitely have a first movers advantage,” explained an expert.

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  • mdb

    FP should change editions. Fake is real & real is fake.

  • munna

    Good one.. bored of these so-called feminists turning any comment on women as controversy.

  • Rohan

    Experts have lauded Palash’s move and feel that he can make it big here quite easily, because there is an existing and booming market of outrage. lol. Yet, it’s so true!

  • suneel sarswat

    BTW, how much a person you think, may charge, if he is paid per tweet. And person has 10k+ followers? And the tweet is already written and given. That total is cost of being famous these days.

  • Niharika

    Wow! Digging out chauvinism out of this good old band and the same “feminist” will dance to the tunes of the obvious sexist songs n raps that are a rage these days…

    • Abla Naari

      Aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai. Theek hi kehte the babuji.

      • Niharika

        Just FYI, I am a hard core feminist here, and also volunteer for teaching at an underprivileged girls school.
        But I really don’t like the irony where girls love to take advantage of being the fairer sex as well as those who make controversial issues out of such comments but will hardly take a step to fix real issues (you know what I mean)

        • Rashid Khan

          Hats Off to you lady