Kolkata. Amidst mounting clamor for his resignation from chairmanship of WBHRC and his unwillingness to do so, Justice Ganguly has sought guidance from BCCI chief N Srinivasan on how to tackle such demands in a shameless sophisticated manner.

AK Ganguly

Ganguly trying to woo Srinivasan by giving flowers.

Initially Ganguly, who is being accused of sexually molesting an intern, wasn’t worried and thought that with growing number of sexual harassers, his case would soon get buried under other high profile cases. But after expected outrage from Arnab Goswami and unexpected outrage from Sushma Swaraj, he was under tremendous pressure to rethink his strategy.

Following this Ganguly started looking for public figures who could help him out. That’s when he realized there is nobody better than Mr Srinivasan to consult when it comes to stubbornly ignoring public and media demands with élan.

Ganguly has now expressed his wish to learn the art of ‘how to step aside from a post and still continue to retain it and call the shots’ from the CSK owner. He has even offered to come out of retirement and fight future corruption cases against BCCI chief and his son-in-law in return.

“Not everybody is as talented in handling constant humiliation and as blessed with shamelessness as Mr Srinivasan. I look forward to an enriching guidance that will help me in going about my daily routine without an ounce of ignominy,” the retired Supreme Court judge told Faking News.

As per latest reports N Srinivasan has decided to help Ganguly and to begin with has asked him to start calling himself just a legal enthusiast of Human Rights who has no role in the position he is holding thereby ruling out resignation demands.

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