Kanpur. Kuber Kansal, a final year computer science engineering student of IIT Kanpur who rose to fame after bagging a humongous annual package of over Rs. 1.3 crores during campus placements, has now turned into a tourist attraction.

Capitalizing on the development, IIT Kanpur, which still holds the copyright over Kansal for few more months before he graduates, has decided to charge Rs. 5 from people who want to get a glimpse of this legendary student.

While it might appear as cheap commercialization of human resources, IIT administration claimed that they were doing so to raise fund for infrastructure development.

IIT Kanpur

A long queue, much longer than that of students buying admission forms, is expected to be formed to see the now rich student.

However, sources (batchmates of Kuber, especially those still unplaced) say that the college is collecting money to be paid to Kuber, so that the reported salary of 1.3 crore rupees per annum turns true off paper too.

“The salary quoted includes variable pay and uncertain bonus amounts. This whole ticket plan is to make that 1 crore on paper to 1 crore in reality,” revealed a source.

However college administration rejects such charges as “born out of jealousy”.

“Barely 20 years old and getting over 1 crore rupees per annum. That’s not what you see every day! Don’t you pay to see things that you don’t see every day? Say, you go on a jungle safari to watch lions? This is about celebrating and reviving the animal spirits in the economy!” Manmohan Singh, an assistant professor at IIT Kanpur justified the college decision.

College administration hopes that the tickets will sell like hot cakes among the middle class parents who would love to get a similar child. They also hope that the tickets will sell like 5 Point Someone among the engineering aspirants who are currently busy watching Bigg Boss and Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Kuber will be available for public sighting from 5 PM to 9 PM – a period when most engineering students are expected to be awake and in a normal condition. The show starts from Monday. People holding tickets will queue up and everyone will have only 5 seconds to watch him.

IIT Kanpur claims that tickets for the first day are already sold out. Many buyers requested for the facility to touch him and were willing to pay over 500 rupees per ticket, but they were not allowed to do so as any kind of external touch by people of lower IQ could infect Kuber’s crorepati brains.

“Many IIT coaching institutes from Kota, Patna, Kanpur, and Delhi have done bulk booking and are bringing their students on a motivational tour, while some individuals have booked it just to see how a boy earning over a crore rupees looks like,” an IIT Kanpur staff told Faking News.

College security has been beefed up and Kuber has been provided a couple of armed security guards by local police a. “It is Uttar Pradesh and now that he is a crorepati, protection is required to prevent any unwanted situation,” explained Kanpur police chief.

Meanwhile, if sources are to be believed, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is quite impressed with Kuber’s popularity and he may offer him a post in his party with even bigger package.

“He is young, he is a common man, a middle class hero, and above all, people are paying Rs 5 to watch him, just like people paid Rs 5 at Narendra Modi rally,” said a source hinting possible reason behind Mulayam’s offer.

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  • Mousumi Saha Kumar

    Faking News has outdone itself, again :-)

  • Brijesh Kumar

    Ask me :)But I will charge extra in times of Inflation. :)
    else chill maro kya karogae jan ke

  • Krantikari


    Shadra Delhi, one of the well known company of India, “No
    Solutions”, has given a highest placement offer to Lallu and Kallu for this
    year. Both Lallu and Kallu had been doing their engineering from “Ramvati
    Institute of Technology”, Ghaziabad.
    This well unknown college is run by “Babloo Bhai”. Babloo is grade 1
    contractor “Thekedar” and known for taking contracts of Kabad (waste material)
    and roads full of potholes. Babloo says that he never got chance to buy a
    degree because there were not enormous colleges at his time but still he
    managed to fail 10th standard.

    Babloo is very happy to see students of the institute owned
    by him are getting placement. He is going to publish this in news papers so
    that next year he gets more business… I mean students like Lallu and Kallu.

    He said that our institute is ranked “A” grade by AICTE (All
    India Council of THUG Education). This year Babloo will present a big envelope
    to AICTE body to continue its affiliation. Mr. Chappal Sibbal will also meet
    AICTE chairperson so that they can enjoy Britania 50-50. Mr. Chappal has
    already announced that to provide higher education to all such Lallu and
    Kallus, we need to establish more and more colleges like “Ramvati Institute of
    Technology”. This is the only way now we can help to grow our economy.

    Khabees Moorty, CEO of the company “No Solutions” , says he
    was working for big company “Figate” for sometime, however, he wanted to take
    chance on more beautiful girls so he thought of setting up his own business
    instead of working in “Figate”.

    Both Lallu and Kallu will get a package of 100,000 for
    initial two years then after two years….no one knows..even I am not sure
    whether company will be in business or not, however, retirement age in company is always 62 years. He said our
    company has strict norms for background check..we skilled character less
    managers asking for character and previous work of candidates. They have good
    experience of hardly working for 20-25 years in many companies….even they do
    not know names of those companies as those all companies has been sold off to
    other big thekedars.

    “No Solutions” said that they will recruit a batch of 20-25

    Lallu and Kallu’s parents are farmers and happy because they
    know their sons has secure feature and will at least never suicide like other
    farmers of village. Both Lallu and Kallu said that they just had to spent Rs 800,000 lakh rupee for their engineering
    but now happy that they got a job offer of Rs 100,000

  • Kuber Kansal

    ladkiyan bhi aayengi kya? :p (then i dont mind)

    • rahul ludhani

      Kuber ; aap celebrity ban gaye hai tab bhi aap down to earth hai !!!


    • abhishek

      Spoken like a true IITIAN….

  • kshitij

    Superb. One correction though: “Barely 20 years old and getting over 1 crore rupees per month.” Isn’t that supposed to be 1 crore per annum?

    Edit: Now its perfect. Very well written.

    • PB

      Read properly ghonchu!

      • kshitij

        Abe ghochu, he changed it after I mentioned.

  • Nawal

    Sir aap god ho!!

  • rk

    Hope there are no VVIP quota’s..

  • Love

    Though it should be free for other IITians.. :)

  • abhishek

    Meanwhile,Punjab University which has been ranked ahead of certain IIT’s in recent rankings reported a salary of 1 crore per month!!!!!!!!

  • KK

    Many buyers requested for the facility to touch him and were willing to pay over 500 rupees per ticket, but they were not allowed to do so as any kind of external touch by people of lower IQ could infect Kuber’s crorepati brains………….. its a killer indeed. :)