New Delhi. Delhi Police released a statement today thanking Abhishek Bacchan for his accurate portrayal of the police force in Dhoom 3. The movie, which is well on its way to making 200 crores, stars Bollywood retirees Abhishek Bachhan and Uday Chopra as cops.

Dhoom 3

A policeman

“Despite wearing really big black sunglasses and flaunting expensive clothes and bikes that none of us can afford with our salaries, Mr. Abhishek Bachhan’s portrayal was quite accurate, given the fact that he managed to not catch any of the three thieves in the three Dhoom movies,” the statement said.

“We especially thank the makers of Dhoom 3 for this accurate depiction of the Indian police force. Earlier movies such as Singham and Dabangg had raised expectations too high from us in terms of catching villains and hitting them so hard that they flew into things made of glass,” Delhi police statement explained.

“But now with Dhoom 3, these expectations will hopefully become normal again,” the statement concluded, “In addition, people might give us more bribes so that we might buy superbikes worth 50 lakhs.”

Unconfirmed sources tell Faking News that the Delhi Police are so impressed with the movie that they are letting first time offenders go after they promise to watch Dhoom 3 in cinema halls and multiplexes.

“This could explain why the movie is doing well despite negative reviews,” a source claimed

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  • jonny

    Abhishek Bachchan rocks
    ………ACP Jai Dikshit very well performed. …..proud to be INDIAN……

    • Registerwithdiscus

      I think you were sleeping in the theater.

    • Kamal papne

      Abhi rocksssssssssss…….haters bite the dust once again.
      ACP Jai Dixit role was done with full justification. C u next in ‘Happy New Year’ with SRK. Abhi rockzzzzzzzzzz

  • Uday Chopra

    … Jai and me were Supercop not just any cop, well I know that in india nothing like supercop exists but it’s my dream film so it’s simple, In dreams they do ! I negotiated with my brother.
    Also I heard that some people couldn’t appreciate the movie… I have no clue how is this possible … the movie scored..2+2= 5 out of 5 rating in PMDB ( pappu movie database ) … well I’d suggest them to take at least two IWI ( Inception wale Injection) before watching the movie just like jonny took them. For details about the injection watch CPID ( chor police inception dream) my movie which has already been released back in 2003… one day before Dhoom in all the Dream Theaters.
    Aapka Pyara
    — Ali Akbar the super sidekick

    • Kai

      Truly boss, Uday and Abhi were extremely brilliant, in terms of action and mostly comedy style! To act like a meaningful cop means to be realistic in shaping up the role without artificial ingredients! Great Job!

  • Vikash

    who is the third thief ??? :D