Washington, DC. Moving a step ahead toward embracing Indian culture, United States has hired epitome of sanskaar, Alok Nath, to teach family values to their citizens.

“In last few decades, our country has seen a huge erosion of family values. It’s high time that we have someone who can help us out, and who could be a better option than Alok Nath ji,” said President Obama while talking to media at White House.

Alok Nath will also be training US marshals

Alok Nath will also be teaching US marshals, how behave with women, so that Devyani type case never happens again.

Alok Nath along with Michelle Obama, and Obama’s daughter Sasha and Malia were also present at the press meet. He has been offered the post of ‘National Babuji’ for next 3 years.

In his inaugural address, Alok Nath thanked US government for showing so much faith in his fathering capability. “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man,” said Alok Nath quoting Don Vito Corleone.

“You guys have already learnt a lot from Kamasutra, now it’s time to move on to next step,” he added.

Michelle Obama was heard calling him ‘Bhai Sahab‘ while her adorable daughters were calling him ‘Chacha Ji‘. Reportedly, it was Michelle who pushed for hiring Alok Nath after she spotted Barack Obama mingling with a female country head from Europe at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

To start with, Alok Nath has suggested Michelle to organize Satyanarayan puja in White House, and has urged people of US to use ‘Tulsi Plant’ for creating Christmas tree as it brings peace in family.

Alok Nath will be conducting shivir in US schools where he will be teaching family values to kids.

To bring down divorce rate within country, special weekly sessions will be organized where couples with troubled marriage life can participate. Couples will spend a week inside a house where Alok Nath will play role of their father. They will get a last chance to understand family values and save their marriage.

Sources say, Alok Nath will also write a column about ‘sanskaars‘ in Playboy magazine. “Although, magazine was initially reluctant to allow this, but after government pressure, they agreed,” revealed a source.

Meanwhile, producers of Game of Thrones, an American fantasy drama television series have hinted about possible entry of Alok Nath in the next season.

“We are in talk with Alok Ji and he may take the role of man who will adopt Lord Ned Stark’s daughters, as their father died and they are yet to be married,” disclosed an executive of the production house, “Alok Ji is a big fan of GoT, and his heart bled when Ned Stark died without marrying off his daughters.”

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  • Babu

    Alok Nath can show the DVD of his 1986 film with Tina Munim (Now Tina Ambani ) namely KAMAGNI. It will be an education on Sex. U.S audiences would lap it up.

  • Subbi Pasumarthy

    Once Alok Nath was sent to jail for protesting .. and they made him grind the wheat.. . . since then the flour is known as ASHIRWAD AATA

  • Ichhadhari Naag

    After giving sanskar training, Alok Nath returns back from the US…with 3 heavy metal tattoos and low-waist jeans that show roughly 40-50% of his butt.