Asaram Bapu and Narayan Sai

After Asaram Bapu, police is now looking for his son Narayan Sai, who has been accused of sexual assault.

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  • Ramadhir Singh

    Beta tumse na ho payega !! :D

    • Perpendicular

      hahaha…too good

  • Jogi

    Brilliant stuff haha..

  • Jai

    They r the victims of Church sponsored conspiracy to defame Hinduism. It is ironical that even Hindus are unable to see through. Shame on you.

    • Ajay

      Hinduism is an ancient and great religion. If you try to associate it with these thieves, then you are the one trying to defame Hinduism.

    • Susan Burke

      is Hinduism now dependent on people like asaram and nirmal baba? They don’t represent religion. The people represent religion. If it defaming when people like you make these normal mortal beings demigods. If you read srimadh bhagvadh geeta, Krishna bhagvan has said that serving a human being is biggest religion. And don’t look at the caste and creed of enemy. Weather he is your brother, sister, relative or guru…. if he has done wrong, he should be punished.
      How does punishing Asaram is equivalent to punishing Hinduism ?

    • lalu

      M0diji should not be remain a mute spectator and he should save his guru

    • Satyavrat Singh

      राष्ट्रसंत श्री आसाराम जी बापु ने कोइ बलात्कार नहीं किया, यह हिंदु संतो को बदनाम करने का षडयंत्र है.

      राष्ट्रसंत श्री आसाराम जी बापु कन्या की देह के सप्तद्वारों मे एक योनि द्वार से प्रेतआत्मा को बाहर निकाल रहे थे. संतो का वीर्य ब्रह्मतेज से संचित होता है , प्रेतआत्माएं इसे सहन नहीं कर पाती इसलिये संत धार्मिक अनुष्ठान के तहत अपना ब्रह्मतेज युक्त वीर्य कन्या की देह में मुख मार्ग या योनि मार्ग से प्रवेश करा देतें है और प्रेतआत्मा बाहर आ जाती है

      ऐसे धार्मिक अनुष्ठानों को बलात्कार कहना निंदनीय है

      • No-as4asaram

        Satyavrat ji. Aap jaise padhe likhe anpadh is desh ko duba rahein gain.

        • Satyavrat Singh

          यह एक व्यंग था , आपने इसे सिरियसली ले लिया .
          ये फकिंग न्यूज़ , कमेंट भी अपने आप मे सटायर है.

          • Raj

            Aapka satire bada hi sincere tha.. 1 baar ko laga apko khoob gaali doon.. par fir dekha ki ye satire tha :) Satire me thoooda sa satire pan daaliye else log samjhenge nahin :)

    • sabzposh

      If the girls alleged to be raped by this fraud were to be your sisters, would you still blame the Church? Do not advertise yourself as an idiot.

  • Deepak Shrivas

    still any aligation is not yet poofed

  • Deepak Shrivas

    launching a campaign to defame Asaram Bapu, the followers of the self-proclaimed godman took out a silent rally to register their protest on Thursday.

    The followers holding placards and banners carrying different slogans alleged that the rape allegation on Asaram is a mere conspiracy to defame the saints and Indian culture.

    The followers were distributing a pamphlet carrying 12-points with a title of ‘special report exposed’ claiming that all the charges levelled against the godman were baseless. The pamphlet concludes that the case was a well planed conspiracy while the media highlighted the incident by twisting the facts.

    The pamphlet further

    reads that Supreme Court of India, in its verdict on November 9, 2011, acquitted all the charges framed against him and also sent a gang of conspirators including Raju Lambu, Amrit Vaidh, Rajesh Solani and Sukharam Thug to jail.

    The followers claimed that many false allegations have been levelled against Bapu in the last five years to defame him but every time he was acquitted.

    Another pamphlet was carrying statements of endorsement by VHP supremo Ashok Singhal, Baba Ramdev, Niranjani Akhada head Brahmikumar Swami, BJP leaders Uma Bharti and Subramanian Swami.

    The rally was taken out from Tower Square to the collectorate. Later on, the followers handed over a memorandum to the SDM demanding president of India to check the malicious campaign by the media.