New Delhi. The DU student, who was booked today for allegedly shooting video of a 25-year-old M.Sc student in girls’ toilet, has been given anticipatory bail after veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt applied for and paid the bail amount.

The seasoned director has further offered him to become a director in a film for his production house.

Mahesh Bhatt

The guy should widen his canvass and shoot for the wide screen, the director suggested.

“He should get a chance to reform himself,” said the Bollywood’s very own in-house judge, “The society will scoff at him and will push him towards committing more crimes. The better solution is to bring him to Bollywood where he can pursue his passion for shooting videos.”

“Look this guy has a thing for filming young and beautiful women without clothes. So why not make this his profession? This way he can continue to pursue his hobby legally and earn a living and lead a respectable life as well,” added the director who made a name for himself by starting from scratch.

Mr. Bhatt insisted that he had watched the MMS several times and he was sure that there was talent in the boy. He clarified that his interest in watching the MMS was only to find any qualities in the boy, like he had found qualities in Sunny Leone by watching her video clips.

“The Bigg Boss clips,” the writer of Jism-2 quickly added.

The accused DU student is ecstatic at this development and has given himself a clean chit by claiming that his intentions were pure though the means he adopted might appear questionable.

“I was shooting to make a documentary that highlights the shabby conditions of toilets in DU. After Narendra Modi said ‘toilets before temples’, I was sure my documentary will be widely debated. I chose a girls’ toilet to enrich the message of my movie,” claimed the boy, now part of the Mahesh Bhatt camp.

“I don’t know from where that girl came in and started changing her clothes there while I was filming,” he told Faking News.

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  • Gaurav

    Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest pervert in India. He had said that he would have married his own daughter (Pooja Bhatt) if society allowed him to! Shame on him!

    • Surya

      On name of being “creative” “freedom of expression” “entertainment” etc Mahesh butt and his daughter made countless senseless B grade soft porn movies and now even openly endorsing and promoting full blown xxx film actress like sunny leone in main stream cinema !!

      SO NO Surprise at all if such a pervert will grant bail for another pervert Delhi student !

      Dont forget his son provided logistic support to Mumbai terrorist Hadley n Rana But he is “sickular” so his son got scott free without any questioning now imagine if if some normal citizen had helped any terrorist even a little bit what would happen to him and his family !!?

    • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

      He is also ‘ Phully Sekkular ‘ !

  • Raj

    big boss clips! lol.. Mahesh Bhatt pakda gaya ;)

  • vinoo59

    Incredible! Fivce star stuff!! as funny as Rahuls comment on Politics being in shirts and pants!

  • jihad

    Mahesh ( half muslim ) asked Indian mulims to declare jihad on Hindus.

  • Gautam

    Coincidentally, Mahesh Bhatt is a well-known Modi-basher. Such is the caliber of so many of his detractors.

  • Kedar

    “the director who made a name for himself by starting from scratch”

    Was there a pun intended there?

    • M

      yes, he keeps scratching all over his body all the time :P

  • Arvinder Singh Gill

    Mahesh Bhutt

    Serious Request to you why dont you make Adult movie-xxx movie and STOP FOOLING to Indian Public and Censor Board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Narender Singh Phartyal

    There is nothing new in this, big directors are always example of these type of cases.

  • Mohan

    Starting from scratch.. rofl