New Delhi. With almost all pre-poll surveys predicting Congress losing ground in upcoming assembly and general elections and now with even Aam Aadmi Party joining the bandwagon through an in-house survey that shows them sweeping Delhi assembly elections, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has called for a ban on such surveys citing them as a “major threat to the communal harmony” of the country.

Experts have once again hailed Digvijay's ability to find communalism in most unlikely situations.

Experts have once again hailed Digvijay’s ability to find communalism in most unlikely situations.

The RSS hand finder especially blasted AAP’s survey, which suggested that dalits were favoring the Arvind Kejriwal’s party.

“Such surveys put pressure on communities to follow the political choice of others in their own community. This is divisive politics, and it should be banned,” Digvijay Singh claimed in a hurriedly held press conference.

“Tomorrow Narendra Modi could fake a survey and claim that every Hindu supports him,” the Congress leader expressed his fears, “This is communal politics. Such surveys must be banned.”

“Also, these surveys are just wrong. Dalits and Muslims support Congress,” he added.

When this Faking News reporter asked if he was fine with a survey not talking about caste but predicting victory or defeat for political parties, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh said, “We all know some party will lose and some will win or there will be hung house. It’s like cricket – all three results are possible. Predicting results will lead to fixing and strengthen communal forces.”

Unable to understand the relationship between prediction and communalism, this reporter asked Digvijay Singh to explain his logic, but he refused.

At this point Kapil Sibal too jumped in from nowhere and supported the assertion that opinion polls and surveys were harmful to the country. “That’s why I am against people expressing their opinions on Facebook and Twitter,” he claimed.

For the first time BJP too appeared to be in agreement with Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal, but they clarified that they were supporting ban on opinion polls about Delhi assembly elections only.

“AAP conducting a survey and declaring themselves winners in Delhi is as laughable as Robert Vadra declaring himself as the most honest person in India after taking opinions of only Priyanka Gandhi and Hooda,” said Vijay Goel, who claimed to be from BJP.

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  • rs

    Mr. Dvsingh says “Also, these surveys are just wrong. Dalits and Muslims support Congress,”. Only such surveys are in order. Great.

  • mango_lady

    Translation: Holy shit, the AAP is leading all the way in our fort. We harnessed the power of Dalit votes, Muslim Votes, and other minority votes and this AAP is taking all that away from us. Mommy mommy, please ban this surveys.

    • Satya

      Yeh, AAP is encroaching on minority votes. AK has not even become an MLA but already has become a seasoned Muslim appeaser. How dare he steal over politics over Batla house encounter and claim it to be his. How dare he…(sobbing in front of mommy gandhi)

    • li

      like commies

  • suneel
  • Chintan
  • Chintan
  • Indian Online

    Everything that is a THREAT to these people, gets related to communal harmony or secularism. What a way to fool public.

  • belikethesun

    it’s a hint at a possible communal riot (endorsed by so-called seculars) if pre-poll surveys say b*p is going to form the govt and m**i is going to be the PM…be alert when surveys results are out…protect yourself and your loved ones…

  • belikethesun

    either paranoid or hinting at sponsoring one …if the results are not in his party’s favour…