Faking News has got access to answers given by various personalities during exams when they were in school.


Almost all answers were on expected lines

Rahul Gandhi: All his answers would read “Let me ask you the same question…”

Manmohan Singh: On encountering a tricky question, he would invariably write “Hazaaron Jawabon se achhi hai khamoshi meri.”

Ahmed Patel: He would try to evade questions by writing “Sonia Gandhi is unhappy that such difficult questions are being asked by examiners.”

Narendra Modi: “Mitron hamaare Gujarat mein aise sawaal nahi pooche jaate hain” would be his standard response.

Digvijay Singh: He would not hesitate to call examiner a communal person and the entire paper setting process a RSS conspiracy if the questions were difficult.

Sagarika Ghose: She would ask examiner to “Find out all the answers on FTN tonight.”

Nitsh Kumar: He would not answer any question until his demand for being given a special answer sheet was met by invigilator.

Mulayam Singh: He would write an answer then strike it out, would write another answer only to strike it out again. This way he would keep on changing his answer statements till their was no space left on sheet.

Manish Tewari: If “Holistic” was removed from his entire answer sheet (along with supplements), the actual length of the remaining answer would be 1-2 lines only.

Renuka Chowdhury: She would answer something totally unrelated to what is being asked.

Aamir Khan: He would simply go about answering all the questions, till he would encounter Multiple choice questions where he would then eat up entire 3 hr duration to decide which one to answer.

Taran Adarsh: Instead of answering, he would give 4.5 stars to the examiner for the question paper he has set.

Arnab Goswami: He would read the entire question paper only to add his own 2500 questions to it which he would then send back to the examiner.

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  • Gautam

    Kapil Sibal: He will say there are zero questions asked.
    Barkha Dutt: Will immediately say ‘Setback for Modi! Unable to answer exam questions!’
    Mamata Bannerjee: Will accuse the examiner of being a Maoist and will order her security to arrest him and throw him in jail.

  • SagoMago

    Who is Sagorika Ghosh? Why glorify the chief editor’s wife?

  • Muzi


  • the odd one

    awesome….rahul and arnab was best

  • Ravish James

    This is unfair, you didn’t mention about the self proclaimed common man. Oh, maybe, he is sitting on a darana protesting against the exam dates.