A CAG report has claimed that 90% of the condom vending machines at public places have gone missing. Following are the top reactions to this news:

Condom Ad

A randomly googled condom ad

Justice Katju: I have been saying all along that 90% Indians are idiots. Now need I give any further proof?

Jayalalithaa: Stalin and Alagiri have gifted them to Karunanidhi to avoid any further division of property and party.

Karunanidhi: I don’t care about what Jaya says, but Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is not a bad bargain it seems.

Kapil Sibal: Like CAG’s other reports, even this one’s inflated (pun unintended). Is Vinod Rai back at helm?

Praveen Togadia: Those machines were to be installed in Muslim areas. Government never installed them to increase their vote bank.

Zakir Naik: We welcome this development.

BMC corporator: Condom machines in public places could give rise to sex-crimes. Good riddance.

Mumbai taxi driver: I don’t know where machines are, but I find condoms in the back seat too often.

Manmohan Singh: I’m not the custodian of condoms in this country.

Pagal Patrakar: Wow, news on condoms! Get an erotic picture from some condom ad and write some quick report to get traffic!

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  • Manish

    Digvijay Singh: isme RSS ka haath hai!

    • kmo

      not haath its RSS pe***

    • Anonymus

      kya condom nai hai issliye “haath” hai? ;)

  • raji

    Rahul: Wearing condom is state of mind.
    Modi: I brought back all 1 million condom machines back to gujrat.

  • prasna991

    The two comments below have to be added :) Hilarious

  • Anubhav

    what ?? no reaction from N.D. Tiwari ?? :O :(

    • Richie

      Because he doesn’t use it.

      • blah

        nice one :-)

      • GJ


        • girish

          gr8 LOL :)

  • sridhar

    Oh wow! I cant believe it, manmohan singh made a comment!!

  • iamvoid

    Assaram : They are all moved to my ashram throughout india.

  • Zubin

    I don’t get the zakir naik joke

    • Ballu Dagu

      Zubin: you should rather focus of your concern in Kashmir

  • Rahul Banyal

    Laughing out loud.

  • prabhu

    After listening to Katju, everybody thinks for a second “oh I’m in other 10%”

    • Sonia

      I didn’t know 90% of India is infested with Katjus.

  • SK

    Its congress’ idea to promote hand (their election symbol)