Narenda Modi dividing numbers

Narendra Modi has often been called a divisive figure.

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  • Rahul

    he’s teaching Pappu for the 100th time, but Pappu can’t divide saala!

    • Ghoda

      Pappu can only add !

  • Gsurya

    Modi is illiterate chaiwala, he doesn’t know this much!

    • jigar

      Yaar aap toh har jagah ho

    • Surya

      How may holes were there in the condom which you father used 9 months before your birthday ?

      • Gsurya

        one of the hole was your mom’s for sure….

        • Surya

          and your mom hole is still waiting Pappu’s penis, but Pappu’s penis is not capable.. poor u

    • Utkarsh Singh

      rahul gandi is chori ka degree wala !! he knows nothing

    • anticongress

      khangressi kutta hai ye

    • One Nation

      Yeah right!

    • Kamal

      G sur accepts that he doesn’t divide

  • sen

    FAIL. Where did that remainder come from?

    • sen fail

      see well. reminder is 0 (8-8)