Chennai. Rahul Venkatraj, a common man from North Chennai paid a hefty price for underestimating the power of a superstar. In addition to the INR 350 charged by the multiplex, he also had to subsequently shell out INR 700 in analgesics and pain killers.

Rahul succumbed to peer pressure and finally watched a well advertised movie starring a well known superstar this Sunday. He had earlier resolved not to fall in the trap of glib advertising and mass marketing.

Chennai Express

A common man and a common woman after realizing that they don’t have any real power

Another one, Kolkata based common man, Rahul Ghosh, who is still searching for the fundamental rights he was promised in Standard IX prior to shifting to Mamata Public School claimed he was devastated by his decision to board the Chennai Express.

On his way out of the theater, he was seen shouting on a journalist who had asked him about his experience, “I have worked as a security guard at the Eden Gardens for 15 years now. Ami oke Chharbo na.”

Even Delhi based Rahul Aggarwal’s elation was short-lived. Within minutes of seating in the Chennai Express, came the two lead actors, Mohan and Sonia.

He sat through the Bharat Nirman trailer watching the duo use their superpower to eradicate poverty, create employment, and reduce fuel prices all with the wave of a single hand. After surviving this ordeal, he was made to see lungs squeezed to extract tar and a series of other disturbing visuals. He immediately realized why there wasn’t enough left to build roads in his locality.

Rahul, whose name by now you might have already heard a zillion times, was in shock by the time the main feature started. Little did he know that it could get worse.

There was no chain on this express he could pull to save himself. By the end of the journey, all the Rahuls, who form 12% of Indian population, have collectively decided never to board the train again. The struggling airline sector has welcomed this decision.

Aam Aadmi Party who have been using the – don’t underestimate the power of a common man – slogan so far have been deeply offended. They have decided to put their logo to use and protest against this.

However, some experts tell Faking News that the protests too were powered by a superstar and were witnessed in some multiplexes in form of Satyagrah. The common man finally realized that he shouldn’t have underestimated the power of a superstar.

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  • X

    Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him. SRK rockzzzz haters shocked.

    • hate srk now

      yeah when he forcefully throws himself up at every nook and corner by petty aggressive incessant advertisement, how can one ignore him.

    • Santosh

      u must be an asharam’s devotee. believing in error-prone human than god.

  • X

    BREAKIN NEWS : The dead bodies of a dabangg tiger, a besharam bunny, a rowdy khiladi and three idiots were found on the railway tracks. Cops say they were all run over by Chennai Express train.

  • Ankit

    faking news ki kuch jyada hi jal rhi hai chennai express ki kamai se..

    • Anil

      A mindless movie goes on to break dozens of records showing the intellectual state of majority of the Indians. This movie is bound to get this treatment!

      • kritika Prasad

        Well one watches movies for entertainment. Who cares about the content anyway.

        • anil

          Is it really that simple? I mean, do we really have the maturity to see through all this crap?

        • Freedom Fighter

          Apart from this, you feel Congress is great and needs to be voted back to power in 2014, Manmohan singh is an honest PM, Sonia Gansdhi is the Panacea for all thats ailing India. Sachin is the greatest cricketer of All times. Shahrukh is the Greatest actor. Deepika Padukone is the next Meena Kumari. Man U should be made the official footlball team of India. Sania Mirza is an inspiration and should be chosen as a mascot for Aman Ki Asha campaign. Pakistan and India should talk…talk and talk peace. Chidambaram is the best bet as the next PM. BJP is a cheap party. Babri Masjid should be rebuilt. Modi should be hanged…..Great, I know what you are….an escapist.

          • kritika Prasad

            Now now thats what one calls- Being Judgemental!

  • surrinder sood

    Shah Rukh has become as boring and pompous and asinine as Amitabh Bachchan in their art of “acting” known ad phishing in banking circles.

  • Ophelia RJ


    • kya kahu…

      yes….this is the final proof …everyday we people turn dumber than we were yesterday….but are smarter than we would be tomorrow…..

  • Rahul Ghose

    I am going to sue Faking News cause they have used my name unethically. I am also going to sue myself for having the most common bengali name ever possible.

  • kritika Prasad

    I have other problems in my life to tackle get emotional about rather than watching a film and coming out feeling depressed.