After Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh declared that he was willing to work under Rahul Gandhi, Microsoft has come forward to help Dr. Singh realize his dreams.

Microsoft has turned MMS into an MS Office Assistant. Remember that paper clip, cute dog, the wizard, and other assistants? MMS will be a similar personal assistant to the youth icon.

Faking News tried this special version of MS Office, which is brilliantly personalized for Rahul Gandhi, and we found that the assistant was working really well:

MMS Office Assistant

MMS will welcome Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi to work

MMS Office Assistant

The Office Assistant will know what is the best for Rahul Gandhi

MMS Office Assistant

Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi will benefit from the experience of MMS

MMS Office Assistant

The assistant will try best, but even the best technologies have limitations

MMS Office Assistant

MS Office is all about files, and MMS is all about missing files.

MMS Office Assistant

However, some files are just too precious and important to go missing.

MMS Office Assistant

The office assistant showed some signs of frustration too

MMS Office Assistant

And if one assistant fails, there are always more who are happy to help.




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  • kundan

    I started laughing after seeing the photo only…. hahahaha.. Now let me read the whole story…

  • Kumar


  • mit

    simply too good man ! :)

  • Nitin Gupta

    just mind boggling !!! brilliant esp. Digvijay singh

  • Time Rays


  • neeraj

    mast hai mast….

  • Net Troll

    Okay this one takes the cake, the best use of technology with present day politics.

  • Act II


  • Priya


  • akileshwari

    DIGGU is too cute……