New Delhi. In a major blow to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, an FIR has been filed against him by some activists for issuing a statement that had absolutely no political connotation.

Teachers teach in schools” Modi said in a function organized by Faking News on the eve of Teachers’ Day. The statement left thousands (though some sources claim the number to be running into millions) of political pundits and experts devastated.

Narendra Modi

Did Narendra Modi troll others by issuing that disappointing statement?

“Why is he issuing statements like Chidambaram – rupee will find its value based on supply and demand and other such textbookish stuff?” complained a political analyst who was waiting to write an editorial on whatever Modi says.

“WTF! This is not what we expect from him!” rued another analyst who had skipped his lunch to write a critical piece on Modi’s politics, body language, and vocal cords.

While the statement came as a major disappointment to headline writers, there were people who could still critique Modi’s statement.

“Betrays his total absence of intellectual prowess,” tweeted a journalist reacting to the comment.

“He doesn’t even know that teachers also teach in colleges and coaching institutes. Pity that this guy is seen as someone who could lead India,” the journalist added.

The tweet attracted hundreds of responses, but the wider world of experts and analysts remained livid with the controversial and polarizing Chief Minister for not giving any controversial or polarizing statement.

“We employ resources to track his movements. OB camera vans are there to beam live everything he says. We pay professional Modi critics and serial Modi supporters in advance to come exclusively on our news channels to debate. And then we get such a pathetic statement!” complained a senior executive with a leading news channel.

With such efforts gone waste, some mighty pissed off analysts decided to file an FIR against Modi accusing him of cheating (IPC 420) analysts, hurting sentiments (IPC 295A) of his critics, and criminal conspiracy (IPC 120B) against news organizations.

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  • Ghoda

    NATIONWIDE there is a buzz
    that Narendra Modi’s Gujarat has achieved a lot of progress and has made rapid
    strides in development and industrial progress largely on account of Modi’s
    inspiring leadership, unquestioned integrity and good governance. No wonder, 40
    per cent of the people interviewed in urban India in the Lens On News poll have
    voted for Modi’s Gujarat as the State with least corruption and best record in
    governance. Don’t be mistaken into believing that Modi’s popularity is an
    urban, metropolitan phenomenon, or that it is confined to Gujarat. The buzz
    about Modi and Gujarat is there everywhere, even in the remotest districts of
    Tamil Nadu, Assam and West Bengal. This has been reported by many journalists
    who have covered the BJP’s election campaigns in these states. Throughout
    the country, Modi has come to epitomise high quality governance symbolised by
    unmatched delivery of public services, rapid strides in development, ever-growing
    public and private investments in the State, clean administration largely free
    from corruption etc. etc. No wonder, most people across the country would like
    to have a leader like Modi to lead them. At a time when the brazenly
    corrupt Congress led UPA government at the Centre has shocked the nation with
    its unmatched record in corruption, Modi has zealously protected his image as
    an incorruptible leader, while also showing zero tolerance for corruption in
    his governance. While Modi’s personal integrity remains unquestioned, even his
    worst political rivals and critics concede that he has been able to provide a
    corruption-free government in Gujarat. The change in the US
    administration’s view towards Narendra Modi which denied a visa to him in 2005 is
    a case in point. In a cable dated November 2, 2006 (84043: confidential), the
    Consul General in Mumbai, Michael S. Owen wrote, “Modi has successfully branded
    himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a facilitator of
    business…and as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician…” Incidentally,
    Modi is the only political figure anywhere in the world that WikiLeaks cables
    from the US diplomatic establishment have shown in a positive light. Under
    Narendra Modi, Gujarat has made rapid strides in development over the past
    decade. Go to any part of Gujarat and I bet you will see huge development works
    underway. Anna Hazare knew full well what is happening in Gujarat when he
    praised Modi for his leadership. Notwithstanding the unending ranting by pseudo
    intellectuals of Gujarat, people all across Gujarat say that the State is
    progressing well. What is important is that the message of development has
    travelled far and wide defying the designs of opponents to spread calumny about
    Modi and Gujarat. Critics are quick to point out the religious divide in
    Gujarat and how post-2002 riots, Muslims live constantly in fear. All this is
    bunkum and motivated propaganda by vested interests. In most parts of the
    State, Hindus and muslims are living in perfect harmony and there is not an
    iota of discrimination. Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, a Gujarati
    himself, was vehemently attacked for saying that Muslims in Gujarat are
    experiencing development and are not discriminated against. He was only
    reflecting the sentiments of common Muslims across the State. Save some parts
    of Ahmedabad, Muslims all over the State are appreciative of Modi’s government
    and are even voting in significant numbers for the BJP under Modi. Law and
    order situation in Gujarat is the best you can obtain anywhere in the country
    today. In a State that had witnessed periodic communal disturbances under the
    Congress rule, Gujarat had been remarkably peaceful over the last decade. There
    has not been a single incident or a day of curfew in Gujarat since 2002. Can
    any Congress ruled State match that record? Evidently, what goes on in the name
    of communal tension in Gujarat is propaganda unleashed by vested interests and
    there is absolutely no basis for such assessment. Winning
    prospects Such is the fast pace of development in Gujarat that people of
    the State have given Narendra Modi a bigger mandate in 2012 Assembly elections. The Congress party lost both the by-polls for parliament. As things stand now, the Congress party will be fortunate to win any seats in coming GE 2014.

    Congress’s Evil Designs The Congress party,
    which runs its ‘scam a day’ government at the Centre is feeling shaky and
    extremely vulnerable. How does the Congress party take on an unstoppable Modi
    who has caught the imagination of the entire nation and has emerged as the
    mascot of good governance? The egregiously corrupt Congress party knows only
    way: to tarnish the fair reputations of all its opponents to prove that there
    are no cleaner alternatives or to target them unfairly. As Modi’s
    reputation of integrity is impeccable, it has put into operation a sinister
    plan to implicate Modi in a plethora of cases involving killing of gangster
    Sohrabuddin and other shady criminals. To ensure success of this strategy, the
    UPA government is firing all cylinders by subverting various institutions,
    supplementing efforts of bogus NGOs, muzzling voices of support for Modi and
    managing media to sharpen its attacks. Scamgress has not learnt lessons from the past.
    Narendra Modi has emerged stronger from every attempt that the Congress party has
    made to destroy him. The present effort to implicate Modi by dubious means will
    be no exception. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake,”
    said Napoleon Bonaparte. “Never interrupt your opponent when he’s destroying
    himself”, said Paul Begala, a political commentator. The Congress party is
    in a self destruct mode in targeting Narendra Modi.

    It must be allowed to fulfill its death wish.

    • not a politician

      Thank God! The world is still in the right place. How we would have done without this comment!

    • jockey

      Chal mere ghode tic tic tic

  • Chandra Shekhar

    8. CNN-IBN : Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife and co-promoter of CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, who anchors Face the Nation and is famous journalist of CNN-IBN (well, her hubby is the owner-editor-in-chief after all) are famous Congress stooges.

  • kheteshwar borawat

    ” another analyst who had skipped his lunch to write a critical piece on Modi’s politics, body language, and vocal cords.”