New Delhi. Realizing that it could send wrong signals to the voters if the party doesn’t announce a Prime Ministerial candidate for the next general elections, Congress has announced the incumbent Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh as its Prime Ministerial candidate.

“But only in case we lose the next elections,” party spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “If we win it, it will be due to stellar leadership of Rahul Gandhi ji and divine guidance of Sonia Gandhi ji.”

Manmohan Singh

Dr. Singh is excited with the new opportunity, party sources insist.

Sources tell Faking News that the decision was taken within two minutes and it left no one hurt or angry.

“We are not BJP where the decision making process took weeks and now there is risk of the party breaking up due to a hurt and angry Advani,” Tewari claimed.

“We have always believed in collective leadership and internal democracy,” he added.

Tewari didn’t give details of the meeting and the decision making process, but sources confirm that a senior party leader asked Dr. Manmohan Singh if he was willing to become the PVNR 2.0, to which Dr. Singh said, “Theek Hai”.

Everyone patted the back of Dr. Singh thereafter and congratulated Rahul Gandhi for solving the “power is poison” problem.

“That’s how you enjoy power without swallowing the poison,” a political analyst said.

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  • Mit

    HA HA funny but nothing fake in it really. This is 100 % true whenever Congress win any election all 100 % credit goes to Rahul/Sonia’s so called excellent leadership BUT whenever they lose anyu election it’s only because of local state leaderships failure and mis-management and nothing to do with Rahul/Sonia !!!

    BTW Congress has anything BUT “internal party democracy” !!!?

  • Iyer

    Just about sums it up succinctly. LOL!

  • srr

    All the punch lines are extraordinary and very apt – deserve Padma Bhushan

  • Narasimhan

    It is good. What you cannot publish directly, you put it here :) .

  • Luhar Sen

    If only all the national awards for journalists had gone to FN contributors instead of the likes of Rajdeep and Barkha, we would have already taken a step closer to becoming a developed country. Mainstream Media has lost all its credibility today.

  • amahipal

    Superb. would have been funny if it were not true

  • shiney

    Too close to truth and hence while the article is funny, it also hurts.