Bangalore. Karnataka Police today detained a local man for duping public and customers alike by running a Sher-e-Punjab restaurant for last 6 years in the name of serving Punjabi food.

The man was caught during a food inspection at his restaurant.


One of the wallpapers found in the ‘fake’ Punjabi restaurant

“After tasting his entire menu, we couldn’t find even a single dish that was even close to being called Punjabi. Even his Murg Makhani tasted like a Chicken marinated in Coconut and Kokum (Garcinia). That’s when we realized he has been fooling public, taking undue advantage of their helplessness of being away from home, playing with their taste buds, and looting them all this while,” said one the inspectors.

“Not only this, he’s been fooling customers by giving ridiculous names to dishes like Pind Mysore Dosa, Amritsari Uthappam, and Lahori Idli!” screamed another Food Inspector hailing from Punjab.

The restaurant has been attracting customers looking for authentic Punjabi food. However, no one could spot this fraud as there were wallpapers of Golden Temple, Sunny Deol on tractor, and Bobby Deol on bullock cart in the restaurant.

The owner was charged under IPC 420 (duping customers), IPC 107 (misrepresentation of reality) and many other relevant sections of IPC.

“It was always odd to see Nepali waiters wearing turban, but then they had employed a Punjabi kudi as receptionist, so I kept mum,” a regular customer of the now-sealed Sher-e-Punjab restaurant told Faking News.

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  • Banglorean

    You will also find many Andhra Restaurants or Hyderabadi Biriyanis with Nepalis/NE people in Bangalore

  • go back

    Go back!

  • the odd one

    Epic stuff….too good
    Pind Mysore Dosa, Amritsari Uthappam, and Lahori Idli!” ….can’t get better than this. kudos man

  • Dinesh R

    Forget all that. The biggest fraud in this country even bigger than the fake Gandhis has been the fake Chinese restaurants. Which use spicy food laced with green chilly and use of besan in their dishes. And people rush to these outlets thinking thats what Chinese food is.

    • Rajat Mukherjee

      and the day they really start selling REAL CHINESE…. nobody other than pest control are going to visit those places :D