Mumbai. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has obtained a stay order from High Court on further remakes of his films. He applied for a stay order after watching the latest remake of one of his hit films, Zanjeer.

Zanjeer starring Ram Charan, Sanjay Dutt, and Priyanka Chopra released today in cinema halls and has been running to empty houses when reports last came in.

Zanjeer 2013

The movie poster was confused by many as that of a mildly popular comedy TV series FIR

Speaking to Faking news, Mr. Bachchan said, “See, I am not against remakes but why do they feel the need to make a spoof of my movies? I acted in RGV Ki Aag in good faith but it ended up becoming a spoof of Sholay. Don was ok but they changed the ending to milk the brand name by making sequels. In Agneepath, they made that chocolaty boy Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, but the tipping point was Zanjeer. What in God’s name have they done with the film?”

Mr. Bachchan was clearly outraged as he went on a long rant on Twitter with tweets like “This Zanjeer is NOT the real Zanjeer.. It is FAKE FAKE FAKE.” and another tweet saying “People say I have acted in original version of this Zanjeer, I did not act in any film similar to this. News is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

It has come as a surprise to many Bollywood people as quite a few remakes of Mr. Bachchan’s films are already in the pipeline.

There are some suggestions to cast Salman Khan in those movies as nobody will focus on the story with Bhai in it and they won’t realize that it’s a remake of a Big B film, but senior Bachchan is not impressed with the idea. He doesn’t want anymore remakes.

While movie critics are blaming Zanjeer, industry insiders told us that Mr. Bachchan is just worried that they may make remakes of Lal Badshah and Suryavansham as well and he doesn’t want that at any cost.

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  • Sophia Babli

    COPYRIGHT: Inspirations, Remakes & Sequels

    1. Death Rides A Horse (1967) – Zanjeer (1973) – Zanjeer

    2. The Magnificent Seven (1960) – Sholay (1975) – RGV Ki Aag
    (2007) – Sholay 3D (2013). (Demis Roussous’s tenderly sung “Love You Love
    You” was turned into “Mehbooba” and “O Jab Tak Hai
    Jaan” was inspired by Iranian singer Googoosh’s “Jomeh”.)

    3. Mr India (1961) / China Town (1962) / Double Man (1967) –
    Kalicharan (1976) – Don (1978) – Inspector Dhanush (1991) – Don: TCBA (2006) –
    Don: TCC (2011)

    4. Scarface (1983) – Agneepath (1990) – Agneepath (2012)

    5. The Godfather (1972) – Sarkar (2005) – Sarkar Raj (2008)

    Irony is Amitabh Bachchan’s movies are themselves copies of English films. Another irony is, he himself acted in Sholay and Sarkar remakes and they were the biggest duds. Wonder what’ll happen to his Satte Pe Satta (1982), Andha Kanoon (1983) and Akhiri Rasta (1986) remakes. Amitabh movies don’t have relevance in today’s market unless saleable stars like SRK or Hrithik act in them. Amitabh himself cannot guarantee any movie being a hit today.

    So, keep your trap shut even if you are trying to cut silly BS jokes.

    • fakeMastan

      you need to eat a lot to keep your mind healthy :P Stop watching crappy daily soaps !!!

    • Chiru

      Hi ram charan!

    • surrinder sood

      Thank you, Sophia for providing icompact information regarding copycats syndrome in the Bollywood film industry. Bollywood very rarely gives respect to film output and quality in other states particularly from the South though they don’t feel ashamed of copying them. It is often the film stars themselves who employ a team of “discoverers and inventors” to find stories, themes, music and even scene stealing from foreign movies, particularly successful ones and even Oscar winners to introduce the originality in their own films. In the movie Sholay, the coin with same image is a straight lift from the French Italian movie Borsalino starring Jean Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon and the scene of Dharmendra playing drama drunkenness to win over Hema Malini in Sholay is another perfect copycat from a Greek movie and the same role was played to perfection by the Hollywood actor.

      • anubin

        French italian movie u say? O.o

    • Morphia

      uh oh.. someone is so desperate to show his/her little knowledge that they have given a speech at a satire website. now go back and play Ludo

    • Garv

      Hey.. What happened Sophia Bhabhi.. Why u take urself so seriously..?

    • Crack

      BTW, Magnificent Seven was itself a remake of the Japanese movie “Shinchin no Samurai” (Seven Samurai).

    • ek hindustani

      Madam Sophia Babli, before writing just control ur mind and ur language about whom u are speaking he has already proved himself by his hard work that’s why he is not only famous in India he is famous in the world some person like worship him like a god u bastard lady, Infuture if i see any un- mannered sentence i will fuck you cheap lady.

  • santhu gsk

    Biggest insult for south star

    • Hey Ram

      biggest insult for cutest chimpanzee.

      • Na.. Mo..

        cutest chimpanzee LOL…

  • ravi

    I remind u that Amitabh bachan himself acted in RGV ka AAG…… U people never change… sharing a faking news and commenting LOL on a faking news…….Crab story (Evident Nature of Telugus) ….. cant Change …. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ;)

    • Reddy

      Nature of Kapus not all Telugus please.

      • doneanddusted

        please is our country not over with kapu, chowadry, reddy , naidu crap?
        for the un-informed, these are four of the community sects in AP to divide people further.

      • kaapunaidu

        ok, next in line of statehood , kaup land, reddy land, naidu land, chowdary land are we not yet done with this communal crap yet in AP?

  • U Mad

    Ram charan Koja!!


    Hey Southys why r u so angry on a fake news…Go eat sum idli dhosa and pour sum coconut oil in ur head..Just bcuz a South Indian star acted in zanjeer,it doent makes sense that u will defend it tooth & nail,even if the movie is worse than those Rajnikant jokes.Chill yaar.

    • dharan

      did you even read the comments above? neither the article nor the comments said Zanjeer(2013) was good. Understood we survive on idli dosa and smear oil on our heads ,but since you seem to be so open-minded nutcase, you only end up judging people.

      I am so sure, you are one of those creeps who gives dirty stares in kolkatta when you see someone speaking bengali.

      As far as movies goes, regional offbeat cinema in our country is far better than mainstream movies. You need to start watching such movies to appreciate indian cinema , of course, its too much to expect from your peanut sized brain!!!

      • dharani


    • hahahahaha guy


      • khikhikhi guy


    • Na.. Mo..

      ha ha ha..

  • ramanathan subramanium

    How did Ram Charan even become an actor? He looks like Spongebob Squarepants to me…

    • Alluri S

      Well, its a long boring story. Back in mid 70s, a bloke named vara prasad started doing small roles, one thing led to another, married a girl from filmdom family and a chimp was born. meanwhile varaprasad with cheap tricks garnered cheap and funded fan following and rose to enviable heights. He retired following a downhill facing career and entered politics. Unwilling to let go the cheap franchise he had created he passed on his legacy to the chimp. varaprasad is today known as chiranjeevi and the chimp is what you called spongebob.

  • A.K. Roy

    What a idiotic act of Bachchan on taking stay on remake of the films in which he acted as main lead or so. The question is that do these films may be called his films or the films of the concerned Producers who invested money for these films. They should take stay order, why this Insane Buddha Lambu? Really the poor chap has gone to Coma without any illness, just due to aging. Shame to this money making cheap fellow. Seems the producers of the remade films have not given some money to this beggar. And now this beggar have managed the global diversity award, what a manipulator and money making machine.

    • raks

      WTF did I just read?

    • vatsag


    • ek hindustani

      A.K.ROY, Hey tera makha bousda, before writing just control ur mind and ur language
      about whom u are speaking he has already proved himself by his hard work
      that’s why he is not only famous in India he is famous in the world
      some person like me worship him like a god u cheap minded fellow, Infuture if i
      see any un- mannered sentence i will fuck you bastard.

  • Bhaskar

    he he not only the article was funny the comments made it even more so.. I cant believe that people are really serious on a Satire. Man this movie is a disaster .. Move on guys.. Ram Charan Fans he has got a lot of backing. I am sure if he wants to be in Bollywood he will get multiple chances and btw dont forget he is no God we know how he behaved with ppl on roads.

    • gandhi

      u will only understand when two drunkards disturb your wife and mother……FR……shut ur ass like mouth

  • Bhaskar

    Ram Charan';s best friend in bollywood who worked with PC – Uday Chopra and Harman Baweja.

  • Gandhi

    Alluri S was born by the sperm donation of three people…… milk man…… dobhi…… and post man…… this wonderful analysis was the effect of the combination of powers of all his three fathers…..