New Delhi. A 24-year old MBA (Finance) student, Ramu, from a leading b-school was shocked when he was offered the role of a Management Trainee (Finance) by a leading brokerage firm.

Moment of disbelief.

Moment of disbelief.

This bizarre event has rendered speechless not only the students and the faculty, but also the entire corporate world. The HR manager of the recruiting firm said, “This time we thought of hiring an MBA (Finance) student as a Finance trainee for a change. Even we are wondering why we did so!”

Ramu recalled that the recruiter had not mentioned “sales” anytime during the pre-placement talk. He didn’t notice it back then because he was eagerly waiting for the slide on the compensation structure.

“I attended the pre-placement talk solely because of the compulsory attendance rule. Like always, all I did there was planning my expenses from my first salary in case I manage to get this job,” said Ramu, speaking exclusively to the Faking News.

“Initially, like in every interview, I was asked about my background, projects done during MBA, some technical questions, and all such kind of stuff. I was waiting for the interview panel to give me a task to demonstrate my selling skills like it happens in movies. But the panel abruptly declared that the interview was over. I was very disappointed and thought I won’t get the job,” Ramu recounted.

Ramu claims that he had watched the movie Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year 18 times as a part of the preparation for various interviews. Now he wishes he had watched Student of the Year, as he got the job without employing any learning from the movie.

Instead of rejoicing over the job offer, Ramu is now nervous about as he doesn’t know what a finance trainee actually does. He didn’t know that such a profile even existed. He said, “I thought finance students are placed as sales guys relationship managers and are supposed to open bank/demat accounts or sell insurance/mutual fund products to the highly narcissist High Networth Individuals (HNIs).”

Faking News decided to investigate this matter and spoke to an HR manager of a prominent bank. The manager, while looking at the placement brochure of a b-school, commented, “Look at this guy; a mechanical engineer and an MBA in finance with 68% and Summer Internship project on Advanced Working Capital Management Strategies for MSMEs.  Hmmm, impressive! Looks like, he will make a good sales guy relationship manager.”

The manager looking at the blank expressions of our correspondent added, “You see his finance background will help him sell financial products.” When our correspondent tried to counter his theory, he became furious and asked him to leave immediately.

Meanwhile, sources say that the college authorities have decided to do away with all the specializations and offer only a single course – Sales Management.

A faculty (name withheld on request) close to this development said, “This has been done to address the ever increasing demand for the sales executives. Earlier corporates had to select the students from other specializations and spend a lot of money on their training. This won’t be required now.”

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  • suri


  • too stoned

    some/few lines are vry nostalgic for a finance mba

  • Shaggydog

    Tickles one’s funny bones. Pathetic grammar otherwise.

  • $69090384

    Shocking truth has been revealed to me by my friends. Internal survey in in IIMs has revealed that Sunny Leone despite being a school dropout makes the same amount of money in one day which an IIM graduates are earning in one year. Is this true? As a matter of fact this year 10% of the IIM graduates could not land up jobs in due to slowdown and declining Academic standards. Rest of them have got sales job which pays around 7 lacs per annum. Bollywood experts and trade analysts reveal that Sunny Leone charges 8 lacs for an hour of appearance. Not only this she earns millions of dollars from her website.

    Is it true IIMs which fake and lie about their salary in media are worse than Sunny Leone?

    Even Prakash Padukone’s daughter and Priyanks Chopra’s cousin make more money than these useless grads by sucking and blowing producers and directors for one night. Is this true?

    Regarding PPO offers can you please verify the truth. These offers are what Placement representatives have claimed. They can fake any number. But the truth lies somewhere else.

    As a matter of fact placement figures are jacked up by these so called placement committies to fool the prospective students.

  • chandan

    To do away wd all specialisation n offer sales management only…..hahahahaha