Lucknow. After IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal was suspended for allegedly demolishing part of a mosque, another bureaucrat has been suspended for indulging in an act that could have destroyed the communal harmony in the state.

Shiv Bhakti Goatpal, the suspended officer posted in the excise department, was accused of eating samosa in front of a poor Muslim fasting during the holy month of Ramzan.

“We can’t allow such acts to go unchecked,” Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav told Faking News, “If a person’s acts can cause communal tension, we will surely act.”

Durga Shakti Nagpal

The suspended IAS officer who went to the wrong school and landed in the wrong job

Interestingly, the poor Muslim guy has no problem. He agreed to talk to Faking News on conditions of anonymity as he doesn’t want to get dragged into politics.

“Why should I be offended if someone is eating!?” he said, “He offered me the samosa-chai but I politely told him that I was on Roza. He even said sorry, but he didn’t have to. I don’t know how this issue got out of hand. I feel bad for the babu.”

Sources tell Faking News that the real reason why Shiv Bhakti was suspended was because he had acted against hooch sellers and the daaru mafia was upset with him.

While no one in the government was ready to respond on the mafia angle, government employees in the state are planning to not perform the duties assigned to them lest they too get suspended for disturbing Politicians-Mafia communal harmony.

“We are not going on any strike or anything. We will come to the office, sit around, have tea, read the newspaper, and go back home. We will try to make sure that drinking tea and reading papers doesn’t disturb any harmony,” a senior officer in UP Secretariat said.

The officer further claimed that suspension creates financial losses for them. “No no, not the salary. The contractors refuse to pay you when you are suspended,” he clarified.

Coming out of the secretariat, we noticed a huge crowd gathered to watch India-Zimbabwe cricket match in the office canteen. When we asked someone why so much interest in a dead rubber between India and Zimbabwe, he replied, “Cricket is a religion boss. We are just maintaining communal harmony in the state by watching every cricket match.”

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  • Avi

    Muslims have so many countries…but Hinduism has only two – India and Nepal. This is the home of ancient vedic civilization born 4 thousand years, it still continues in the subcontinent as part of various aspects of Hinduism and propagation of ancient texts. In the name of so called ‘secularism’ our politicians are literally killing the remnants of an old civilization.

    • Rajat Bhardavaj Mishra

      who told u bro that Hinduism has 2 country now its only one country which is Nepal in india hindu have no right to live piece fully ex: – in hyderabad u can’t worship in the temple “BHAGY LAXMI ” bcz “MANDIR KE GHANTE KI AAWAJ SE Other religon walo ko problem hai”
      2. “ISHRAT JAHAA “bihar ki beti hai but jo 24 child and 4 army maare gye unke baare me koi byan nhi aaya abhi tak “NITISH JI” ke dwara
      3. people and media always talk about 2002 GODHRA KAND But assam kand, west bangle kand , hyderabad, bihar(bodh gya), mumbai (taaj ), aaye din UP me KASMIRI PANDITO KO bhga diya gya , kasmir me aaye din “santi priy logo dwra kuchh n kuhh hote rhta hai”. “TAB KOI V MEDIA YA NETA KUCHH NHI KAHTA” but ye kah ke plaa jhaad dete hai ki “AATANKAWAAD KA KOI DHARM NHI HOTA”
      YE sari galti humari hai “bcz hum sabhi hindu me unity nhi hai ” . hum aaps me hi ladte hai ki O SC hai gen. hai, etc.
      SO its our fault ki hum ye nhi kar sate o nhi kar sate aaye din ye koi v neta ya party bol ke chale jate hai or hum secular ka raag alapte rhte hai .

      • It is me

        I know it’s a faking news portal but do not spread fake things in your comment… who said hindus are not allowed to pray in the bhagya laxmi temple… they are allowed..and are actually expanding the temple… it is the muslims who are not allowed to pray inside the small mosque in charminar…and muslims agree on that and are not making noise now… Spread love …spread peace :)

  • Rajat Bhardavaj Mishra

    state gov. should hang them (durga sakti and shiv sakti ) for this kind of activity .
    they are not respecting other religion its a punishable offense. and also “PASS THE RULE THAT in ramjan no any food shop will open in daytime between (5 am to 6 pm) ” :p

  • Rajat Bhardavaj Mishra

    why all religious people specially “HINDU” make rumor about Muslim ………
    i always confused with that “MOSTLY 95% TERRORIST are Muslim ”
    MUjhe to lagta hai ki isme v RSS Or modi ji ka haath hai . “HUM IS KI KADI NINDA KARTE HAI ”
    if some people have realy doubt then plz visit the below link
    YAAR MUJHE TO LAGTA HAI KI YE WIKIPEDIA PAGE OR FBI REPPORT v galat hai isme v RSS ka hi haath hai

  • Tariq Ahmad Shah

    Friends if such thing has happened it is unfortunate….politicians have found a way 2 settle scores on name of Muslim. ….does it mean we r wrong. Indian constitution prounced article 360….if kashmiri fights fr it is he the terrorist….pl friends check how many hindus got reverted to islam on zoori talwar I mean by kings….and how many fold by education of kawaja mohi ud din chasti and people like him ….I am a muslim …I know by my hart I am right….we want our daughters chastatity be safegaurded…for that is purda…u people and many Muslims even dont know manhas been ordered to lowelower his gaze …..please hindu friends study ur scripts u will come to know even u r religon says same….pl think what is Mahabarta all about…..a fight would u say that is terrorism .u say we can have 4 wives what about u and other religons .how many wives shri krishna had…if u study u will come to know islam has restricted no of wives other wise before it was countless….fir be hum hi galat…cmming to main discussion I by grase of almighyy Allha keep all fasts my hindu friends would never feel it I would offer them every eatable with zeal and zeast….do u know y we have been ordered to fast besides all other know what a hungry feels so that next time when a hungry comes to u u wii not say…..chal baag ja yahan say….I am sorry if any of my words have hurt anybody .For all muslims pl restraint from saying anything bad about any other religon as it is against teachings of kuran and remember ….lukum din kum walun deen…..

    • XYZ

      Nice Mr Tariq, unfortunately many Muslims (and Hindus) are not as good as you.

  • neeraj singh

    Jago & attack Hinuds Jago .Otherwise Muslims will rape you and convert you like time of Babar