Grand Masti

Starring Swami Nithyananda, Asaram Bapu and ND Tiwari.

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  • BT

    Grand Masti or Ga**d masti?????

  • FBI

    Change the name to “GrandPa masti”!

  • Net Troll

    Hilarious! Now would you mind adding some christian priests with kids and some Muslim Imams with little girls?

    • maheshjagga

      Do not religionise porn!

    • Subbu

      That’s already been done. This one is fresh and new! Original script. 100% tunch maal.

    • Susan Burke

      Do not question the pureness of porn. Thats the only faith where religion doesnt matter.

    • Shirolkar

      well said

  • oooouch

    grand masti to jaroor flop hogi, but inki g**nd masti nahi

  • Sandy

    Movie name seems like a typo :P

  • Wicked Vivek


  • Vaibhav Kumar

    Their grand masti is long known but we kept quite. Here is a video that talks about the real Gand Masti these so called GodMen doing from ages.

  • vijayraghav rao

    Hahaha. Lol. What an imagination.

  • Sameer

    So funnyyy