Mumbai. While the nation is still to recover the missing files related to the coal scam, new set of files related to another scam has gone missing.

“We can’t find any files related to the alleged movie RGV Ki Aag. Over 100 such files have gone missing. We have no idea where they are or how it happened,” office boy from Ram Gopal Varma’s production house told Faking News.

Not only files in RGV’s office, sources confirm that most VCDs, film-reels, posters, and even YouTube clips of the movie have gone missing.

Amitabh Bachchan in RGV Ki Aag

Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t control his happiness when he came to know about the latest development

“This is much cleaner job than what they did in the coal scam,” claimed an expert on files that go missing or get burnt in fires, “At least the CAG report on coal scam is there and so are the news reports, but here even the box office collection records of RGV Ki Aag are gone!”

With almost all files and records erased, analysts believe that the country will have to accept that a movie called “RGV Ki Aag” was never made.

“Let’s accept it and move on,” Prakash Jaiswal, a trade analyst requested the country to forget the movie because there were no records proving its existence.

“It anyway made zero business so it’s zero loss if the files went missing,” Kapil Birbal, another trade analyst argued why the country shouldn’t lose its sleep over mysterious ways under which the files went missing.

While many analysts and experts are downplaying the case of missing files, there have been concerned voices too.

“This is a conspiracy!” claimed filmmaker Sajid Khan, “They have erased all records of RGV Ki Aag so that Himmatwala 2013 becomes the worst movie ever made in Bollywood! We will not tolerate this.”

Sajid Khan has been joined by many likeminded activists like Shirish Kunder, Himesh Reshammiya, and Harman Baweja among others. These men have threatened to disrupt shootings of ongoing films if the missing files were not found immediately.

Meanwhile Ram Gopal Varma has gone silent like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the whole issue.

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  • Guru

    Rahul Gandhi’s report cards from school and college also missing.

  • Amit Mishra

    This one was good.

    When the integrity of leaders goes missing, the rest will surely not be found.

  • Amit Mishra

    MMS Response ::: Theek Hai

  • murugan v

    When RGV movie AAG was still under production and when this movie was on the verge of its release an when this movie was actually released, Amitabh Bachchan, some super flared star of Bollywood, declared in his world famous burrratone that the movie is a super hit like his status. But even before the flames of this AAG started making its red hot appearance on the screen, all firefighters of Maharashtra, as if on cue, rushed quick fast to put several thousands of layers of JHAAG (liquid foam) on this fake AAG. And the movie became an INVISIBNBLE AAG AND AN INVISIBLE HIT. Great pity for the fiery geniuses involved in the creation of AAG.

    • Grabolt

      It was at least better than 99.99% of crap south indian movies that keep popping up,…

  • Sandy

    ha ha…awesum article !! specially the one on Himmatwala :D

  • FakingNewsRox

    absolutely LOVED the last 3 paras!!!! awesome sense of humour! kudos for Pagal Patrakar!!