Indore. Asaram Bapu has reportedly entered into a 14 years long meditation starting today. Bapu has asked his followers to not let anybody to disturb him.

Bapu, in deep meditation.

Bapu, in deep meditation.

It is believed that he is doing this to avoid police and courts after he was booked for sexually assaulting a minor, but his followers disagree.

“Bapu – owner of many supernatural powers, could have easily escaped by flying like a superman if he wanted, but he respects law and order,” said one of his follower, “By going into meditation he has left everything in hand of God, justice will prevail.”

Meanwhile after a little clash with his Asaram supporters, police successfully reached Bapu’s meditation site and tried every possible way to break his meditation, but all effort went in vain.

Later they lifted Bapu, who remained rock solid in the pose of meditation, and took him to a psychologist.

After analysis of Bapu’s state of mind, psychologist suggested to bring Malaika Arora and make her dance in front of him, as it’s the only way to bring him back to the normal mode.

When Faking News asked a senior police official about their Plan B, in case Malaika Arora’s dance fails, he said, “As of now we don’t know what to do, as his situation is similar to that of a person in coma.”

His followers are seeing it as a major breakthrough in field of non-violent protest.

“It’s mystical, philosophical, out of the box implementation of meditation in daily life,” said one of his foreign bhakt.

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  • vikram

    haha, good one

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  • CHASADHA (Chandrehwar)

    सभी राष्ट्रवादी हिन्दु को मेरी तरफ से सपरिवार जन्माष्टमी की शुभकामनाए आशराम को शर्म आनी चाहिये कोइ भी शोक से किसी पर इल्जाम नहि लगा देत्ता है

  • uday singh

    1 no rapist; 2 no zoota; 3 no logo ko thagne wala ..sadhu ke bhes me saitan ese sara jiwan jail me rakha jaye marne ke bad hi chora jaye.

  • ankur

    good one :P

  • raja

    “who remained rock solid…” That’s the bottom line

  • Shyam Dharumal Vanwari