Supreme Court has struck down the Maharashtra government’s ban on dance bars. This will have far reaching impact on many sectors. Faking News lists ten most important impacts:

1. Rupee’s value has become cheaper in 2013 since 2005. Now people can shower more generosity in the dance bars. More notes will fly in air.

2. Bars will become the preferred destination to watch IPL next year as cheerleaders have been banned from the next IPL. Bar-girls can double up as cheerleaders and IPL won’t lose its USP.

Dance Bars

Happiness all around

3. BJP, though considered a party of conservatives, will welcome it. Mumbai Bars and BJP, both were ousted around 2004 elections. Now with Mumbai Bars in around 2014 elections, BJP supporters see it as an auspicious sign.

4. Possible negative effects of Posco’s decision of dropping $5.3 billion steel project on Indian economy will be negated with forex being brought by millionaires, such as KRK, who were otherwise spending those in dance bars in Dubai.

5. Apart from bringing forex, KRK will be reviewing dance bars on his YouTube channel and live-tweeting performances.

6. Back in 2005 social media wasn’t on this high, so now we can expect Facebook Fan pages of famous bar girls.

7. Altaaf Raja will be back in demand.

8. Madhur Bhandarkar will announce Chandani Bar sequel.

9. Political rallies UP/Bihar will become costlier to organize as Bar-girls, now back to their regular jobs, will charge higher to perform in political rallies.

10. With Bar girls getting their jobs back, PM’s media adviser Pankaj Pachauri will claim rise in employment as one of the UPA achievements.

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  • Munda

    LOL! good ones.. some of them, like about KRK, will be true ;)

  • Neha Mattoo

    hilarioussss one!!!

  • Nikhil

    Cheap journalism. Opening of dance bars will increase crimes in Mumbai. Some self-proclaimed intellectuals giving lectures on liberalism in their secured AC offices is a different thing and the general public facing increased crime, vulgarity and unruliness in the day to day life due to such mindless judgements is another thing.

    • FakeUser

      Abey dhakkan!! ye sach-mooch ka news channel thodey hi hai :D :D :D

    • jiti

      dear on what ground do you say it increases crime?? what is vulgarity to you?
      when u dance on honey singh and sheila ki jawani so why not dance bar??
      vulgarity is there in corporate offices as well if professionalism is removed from there!! if you look it as a profession and maintain professional integrity there also then there shudnt be any problem…..

    • sd


    • DDD

      Aapko dekhkar lagta hai ki India kuch na kuch to karega… Pakka karega…. :P ..

    • rajiv

      so sweet !!

  • Richa Ritwika

    Bar girls will tweet their latest photographs on twitter and have 10 lakh people following them on twitter.

  • sunil

    same beer which cost Rs.35 in Goa will cost Rs.350-500 in such a bar for the girls. lol

  • Sameer


  • pritulp

    Now can we please have our own version of “walking into dance bars” jokes…. :)

  • vatsal