London, UK. Prince Charles, the grandfather of newly born royal baby has decided to switch to another royal family in eastern Europe for a better career growth. There he will be joining as a King.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles’ frustration with waiting had turned worse than frustration of an Indian user with the IRCTC website.

“I am 64 year old and still a Prince. Although money is good but little job satisfaction is there,” said grey haired Charles. Adding further he said, ”From career point of view British Royal family has not been that good option as you can see in last three generation nobody could become a King. Almost no growth. And this will also be a gift from me to my lovely grandchild. After i am gone, he will be 2nd in the line to throne, one step promotion.”

In reply to how did he landed with such a plum job Charles said, ”Dude, I have 64 years of experience as a prince of British Empire, what more can any Kingdom want?”

Prince William wished his father best of luck for his new position. Charles will be getting an experience certificate and and relieving letter signed by Queen Elizabeth in a grand ceremony at world famous Birmingham Palace.

Unconfirmed sources tell Faking News that Charles had also applied for King’s job in India. But his application was rejected as India was not officially a monarchy and Charles didn’t have the right surname for the unofficial role.

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