New Delhi. Sales of the well-known marketing textbook “Principles of Marketing” have risen by 900% after it was revealed yesterday that Philip Kotler is a pseudonym for renowned management guru Arindam Chaudhuri.

Close on the heels of JK Rowling’s pseudonym expose, this sensational revelation came after some enterprising IIPM students discovered startling similarities between the concepts explained in “Principles of Marketing” and the marketing strategies adopted by IIPM.

Arindam Chaudhuri

Professor Arindam Chauduri smiles after his critics realize that he had been trolling them for ages

“It’s a stroke of genius. Arindam Sir managed to keep such an explosive secret under wraps for so long. Nobody in the whole world noticed till today that the four Ps of Marketing are just a subtle homage to the original ‘P’ – PLANMAN! In fact, the pseudonym Philip Kotler also starts with P for the same reason,” an IIPM student was quoted as saying.

Officials from rival management colleges, however, were furious. “He isn’t the original P – he is the original C!” said an IIM professor losing his cool, “What was the need for letting out this secret? How will we convince our students to learn Marketing from his book now?”

But Prof. Chaudhuri claims that his latest revelations will only help the human kind.

“My management theories have always been inspired from real life, be it counting chickens or discovering diamonds,” the management guru claimed, “Even when my batchmates forced me to watch porn movies during my college days, I was thinking marketing.”

“Once they forced me to watch the Kama Sutra,” recalled the Prof. Chaudhuri, “And I started thinking… can I use the Kama Sutra as an analogy for marketing strategies? That’s where the the theory of Targeting and Positioning in order to achieve market penetration came to my mind.”

On being asked why he kept his pseudonym a secret for so long, Chaudhuri explained that this too was part of a new marketing theory that he was developing.

“This is the 8th P of marketing : Pseudonym,” explained the largest selling management book author.

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  • Ajai M.

    Theory of Targeting and Positioning well explained in “Kama Sutra”.

    Simply Superb.

  • Rajiv Sen

    Which will score century 1st?
    1. Rupee value
    2. Number of FN satires related to Arindam Chaudhuri

  • S Nath

    Four Ps of Marketing are just a subtle homage to the original ‘P’ – PLANMAN! Lol! :D

  • Kundan

    careful! you might just get blocked for publishing something against this conman!

  • Dront

    As a follow up, FN confirms that it has received considerable Advertising revenue after publishing this article. This advertising proposal came in an envelop along with a folder which contained information about lawsuits that were proposed to be brought against FN
    FN has, since, made a policy decision not to write adverse articles on all Management Professors(self acclaimed or otherwise) whose initials start with A and C.
    In an interview, the director of FN insisted that the two events were not related. “That’s like saying Mulayam’s support for the congress is related to the court cases. We all know that it is not true” He said.

  • ArindamC

    Targeting and Positioning.. hahahaha..

  • Rikki

    Original C :D … mind blowing :P

  • Prudvi Raj

    FN would have found it very hard to survive without the Arindam choudharis and Baba’s of India.. god forbid we become a developed nation..