Gandhinagar. Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has issued a notice to Public Relations firm APCO Worldwide to pay him for promoting them in India since 2009.

The amount Modi is seeking remains undisclosed for the moment, but the notice has been sent directly to APCO’s head office in Washington DC.

This is the second surprising development in two days concerning APCO. Earlier on Sunday, APCO Worldwide had strongly denied that it works for Modi, a long held belief in India. As per APCO, they had a contract only with the state government to promote the Vibrant Gujarat summit and not with Mr. Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi

Modi thinking if he could have sent APCO a bill for bigger amount

Speaking to the media, Mr. Modi’s personal aide said, “For the last few years, every positive news about Shri Narendra Modi has been attributed to APCO, even though they weren’t working for him as admitted by them. Through all this, APCO gained a lot of free publicity in India as the miracle company which can turn a common man into a PM candidate. Shouldn’t we charge them for all this publicity?”

“Mr. Modi got no credit for all his achievements from Indians as all his achievements were labeled a plant by APCO, now at least he should get some money for the same. For this amount of publicity, If APCO had hired someone like MS Dhoni, it would have cost them nearly a hundred crores plus the position of Vice-President, at least Modi ji is not aiming for the VP post!” he went on to add.

APCO has declined to comment on this issue. A press release by APCO said that the issue is under consideration as they contemplate whether to pay Modi or not.

An industry expert speaking to Faking News said, “I think APCO should pay up whatever Modi is asking and move on. Every politician in India knows them by now thanks to Mr. Modi. Election season is coming and God knows that we have more than a handful of politicians in need of an image makeover. Rahul Gandhi alone will run through 6-7 images in the run up to the elections. They shouldn’t risk bad PR at this stage when such a huge market is at stake.”

While APCO may pay op, sources confirm that leading news channels and websites in India are concerned that they could be the next target.

“Narendra Modi may ask them to pay a part of their revenues as he’s been getting TRPs and traffic for them, as admitted by one of them recently,” an expert explained the fears of media organizations.

(inspired from this news report on FN 2.0)

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  • Prithvi

    Congress is so used to #paidmedia that they think every positive news has been paid for, so their chamchas invented this APCO story.

    • Mohit

      You are right..
      From a Nehru who was more concerned about Edwina to a Rahul Gandhi who parties when Mumbai terror attacks took place, whole Nehru-Gandhi family is whitewashed through highly paid PR excercise. It’s natural that a whole legacy built on PR will suspect PR everywhere.

  • Joy


  • Ping

    Did you just said Faking News LOL ! AMused to see people and first post taking seriously !

  • shrek

    //APCO Worldwide had strongly denied that it works for Modi, a long held belief in India// hehe. its a fact. when was the last time a criminal admitted that he has committed a crime. faking news dont call yourself a satire site. call yourself a naramodisupportersite.

    • Critic

      fakingnews will call it a namosupportersite if you call you call yourself rahulgandhiasslicker, dynastysalve, or in short, modiphobicasshole

      • shrek

        and you call yourself naramodiasslicker, naramodislave and in short naramodibootlicker.

      • rambo

        call yourself modi’sasshole

    • DD

      Your right to speech ends where my leader’s parody starts, Pagal Patrakaar!

  • Ravindra

    The anti-Modi trolls made APCo famous and NaMo charging APCO for the same? This is not fair :-)

  • Sanjay

    After Faking News got bought over by First Post, one can see a marked change – it is now more of a congress mouthpiece with careful avoidance of any criticism of the Imperial Italian thug family

    • bjp

      it was and it will remain always a bjp mouthpiece.

  • Sphinx

    Modi should also charge Kejriwal for using his articles for putting exclusive ads of AAP on FP.

  • Namopm

    look at the pressure of new owners… faking news is also sucking upto their congi masters

  • Jack

    Modi ! Modi !