Fake Facebook wall of Priyanka Chopra

After P&P (Priyanka & Pitbull), will there be J&J (Justin & Jackie)?

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  • vb

    ROFL. Extremely good one. xD

  • Nishant Mishra

    मस्त बीड़ू… बोले तो झकाsssssssस!

  • ThoFeelExp

    Rofl@ Baba Sehgal

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Not done Pitbull.. I had worked really hard on my lips and overacting.. but still you took her…

    90% of the song is BS. But I pardon you for that 10% — Sanjay Dutt likes this

    Entire Bollywood likes this…

    Excellent ones…

  • AzzArun

    Something wrong with the article. Not being rendered on mobile device.

  • Helping hand

    Do you guys know that you have the best humour website in terms of content but the structure and navigation through your website SUCKS! Please change this, have a look at other sites…they arent better than you content-wise but structured very well.

  • Andy

    First time.. First Time… First Time.. Bieber bidu trolling someone…
    Tychya maushi chi…

  • Pavithra

    Nitish’s fake Comment cracked me up!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL