Mumbai. In a first instance of its kind, a couple’s pic uploaded on Facebook failed to get a single “Made For Each Other” comment. This is the first such instance since the inception of Facebook in 2004 that a pic of an engaged or married couple failed to get such a comment. It has left the couple devastated.

As per sources, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma uploaded a pic on Thursday, 11th of July 2013 at 7:30 PM and nobody had commented that they were the perfect couple till reports last came in.

Facebook Couple

Married or in-relationship couples are regularly expected to come up with such pictures on Facebook to keep their relationship status unchanged

Faking News decided to contact the couple involved to get their reaction on this bizarre occurrence. Mr. Sharma said, “I am really depressed. It is not that we didn’t get any likes or comments. We got 7 likes and 25 comments but nobody said that we are made for each other. What does it mean; we are not made for each other?”

“Before marriage, I had few apprehensions. My wife is a little over-weight, her complexion is a bit too ‘wheatish’ but I overlooked all that to marry her only to see this day. Even couples we call ‘langoor ke munh me angoor’ in real life get a ‘perfect couple’ comment on FB but not us. Do we look THAT bad together!?” Mr. Sharma sobbed.

When we spoke to Mrs. Sharma, she placed the blame squarely on her husband. “I told him to upload a pic with plain white background so that people focus on us. He uploaded one with mountains in the background. All the comments were, where is this place, where did you go? blah blah blah.. Bloody, we went to your funeral! Now put one Made For each Other comment below the pic,” she said.

As per family sources, the couple is now contemplating whether they should part ways or stay married. A family friend told us that they will upload another pic in a week’s time. If even that fails to get a positive comment for the couple then the relationship is under serious threat.

Meanwhile, Facebook is contemplating adding a default “Made For Each Other” comment every time a couple’s pic is uploaded to escape being blamed, again, for rising cases of divorces.

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    • Aam Aadmi

      or from Gujrat BJP IT Cell….

      • Kalu Majhi

        Just contact Teesta Shitalvad to get a case registered against all the friends you have done this injustice by not commenting “made for each other”.

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        Aa gaye AAPtard.

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  • Elks Darkstone

    well, u can buy some positive comments from instambul

  • funny guy

    HA HA HA. Excellent.

  • athreya

    “Facebook is contemplating adding a default “Made For Each Other” comment every time a couple’s pic is uploaded to escape being blamed, again, for rising cases of divorces.” ultimate!!!