New Delhi. Congress, the leading party in the ruling UPA coalition, today clarified that there was no difference between Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the UPA chairperson, and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the alleged Prime Minister of India.

Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh

Madam Gandhi leading the way

“Media reports suggesting rift between the UPA chairperson and the Prime Minister is all baseless,” Congress spokesperson Manish Tewary claimed, “Madam Gandhi is absolutely in agreement with every action and decision taken by Mrs. Gandhi.”

When asked about reports that suggested that Sonia Gandhi was upset with many things about the government, Tewary said that there were a few such instances but they didn’t hint at any differences between Sonia Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

“There were a couple of instances when the acting Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh couldn’t consult Madam Gandhi and it resulted in some protocol issues, but largely UPA chairperson is in harmony with the Prime Minister,” the Congress spokesman reiterated.

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  • UtkarshSinghNain

    “Madam Gandhi also said the opposition should concentrate on the rift between BJP and BJP, to which the opposition responded Madam should think about the rift between Rahul baba and politics.”

  • Indra