New Delhi. CBI has announced that they will auction the clean chit that they had reserved for Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian businessman accused of facilitating kickbacks and bribes in Bofors scam who is now dead.

Ottavio Quattrocchi

He enjoyed Indian hospitality for long, but still couldn’t get enough due to his untimely death. RIP.

“We had created this clean chit after years of hard work and we just can’t let it go waste,” a CBI officer told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, “We will auction it to someone else who would need it.”

“There are many who need it, haven’t you seen the long list of scams in recent years?” the official retorted when this reporter asked if there were enough takers.

Sources confirm that CBI has already contacted various people involved with “similar” scams like Chopper scam, Tatra trucks scam, Coffin scam, etc.

“But we are not limited to army equipment related scams only; we can give the clean chit to others too if the price is right,” the anonymous CBI official clarified.

Sources further reveal that CBI is afraid that Warren Anderson, accused in Bhopal Gas Tragedy and now 92 years old, could also die soon and their hard work in another high profile case involving a respected state guest could go waste.

They are trying to convince the high command to auction at least one more chit whenever the clean chit of Quattrocchi goes under the hammer.

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  • Romil

    Rajiv Gandhi Clean Chit Yojna

  • Chanakya sharma

    Ab to Yam Raaj ne Bhi Usko apne pass bula liya …..

    Kya congress bataayegi Ki …Bhola Gas waale ko kab clean chit de rahe ho usko bhi kutte Ki maut Insaan ko Bhopal mai maarne waala Jinda Kyo Hai …/// ???

    Kya gadiyaali aandu kisi Neta ke bahnge ….????

  • manofsan

    CBI = Chit Bidding Institution

  • sohil

    दो प्रेमियों का मिलन करवाना — बहुत ही पुण्य का काम होता है.

    इस लिए आप सब भागवान से दुआ करें कि वे ‪#‎sonia‬ Gandhi को जल्‍दी से जल्दी अपने पास बुला लें.

    (‪#‎Quattrocchi‬ ‪#‎upa‬)

  • realfact

    That will be given to Ghandhi family for LIfeTime and This will be Life time CleanCHit and Insurance from All type of Corruption in the past and to the future corruption charges ,currently this is applicable to Sonia , Rahul .Priyanka family and in future if any new comer in the family

    • Sudhakar

      Family Floater

  • true indian

    If you don’t auction the clean chit CAG will catch you

  • true indian

    there must be corruption insurance, if a mp/mla is caught for corruption these insurance agents must make sure they reach foreign land and settle.

  • Anand

    Auction rules should be made clear, otherwise CAG will come down heavily. Whether only cash needs to be bid or some combination of cash, foreign trips and ‘choozas’ :)