Public figures are always busy. They might not be able to reply to your mails. So they set automatic mail responders. Faking News found out some of these responders of some famous personalities (note: this post has four pages):

Nitish Kumar

Vacation Responder of Nitish Kumar

Narendra Modi

Vacation Responder of Narendra Modi

Manish Tewari

Vacation Responder of Manish Tewari

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  • naveen

    like every time just guys keep rocking

  • Kavi

    Most awesome!

  • Jatta ka Chhora

    ROFL……………..The best one is for OBAMA…the Big Daddy ..:)

  • Ashster

    Supreme Court Judge: Sorry, cant respond to your mails. I am very busy right now, taking some important decisions for India’s youth like reopening Dance bars, punishing 10 police officers for encounter of a criminal.

  • Shree


  • Y M Sharma

    Markandeya Katju’s id is “markat”. Markat means an ape in Sanskrit. Does that make him a high-IQ primate?

  • dushyant_joshi

    Mr. Priyanka Gandhi ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Awesome

  • rahman

    awesome. katju and obama are the best ones.

  • Pankaj

    Guys you rock!!! Man you need to be given a Noble Prize for Sattire….