New Delhi. It’s just a few minutes before 19th June i.e. PappuDiwas birthday of Rahul Gandhi comes to an end, but no one knows where exactly the young Vice President of the Congress party is.

There were rumors of him being in Spain, but since it was suggested by Subramanian Swamy on Twitter, there was confusion if Spain referred to a country or some code-word like TDK, CRT, PT, et al.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is expected to come out victorious soon from his hiding

However, towards the end of the day, the Congress party clarified that Rahul Gandhi had planned an elaborate Hide-and-Seek game (also known as Luka-Chhupi in Hindi) on the occasion of his birthday, and he had won the game as no one could find where he was hiding.

“Just another achievement by Rahul Gandhi ji,” declared a spokesperson of Congress party in an exclusive interview to Faking News.

Sources confirmed that many took part in the national game and tried to find Rahul Gandhi during the day but they couldn’t spot him anywhere except in tweets by fans and haters alike.

“It is not easy to outsmart Rahul Gandhi ji,” senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh said, “The fact that he won against the whole country proves that he’s ready to lead the nation.”

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi was reported to have won Ludo and Snake-&-Ladders games, but those involved only two players in private settings. This is the first time Rahul Gandhi has won in public.

However, BJP is not impressed.

“This is a fixed match. Congressis are playing amongst themselves. The truth is that Rahul baba is hiding because he’s afraid of NaMo,” claimed a BJP supporter on Twitter.

“I congratulate Rahul Gandhi on winning the game. He should ignore the haters,” Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said responding to comments by BJP supporters.

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  • Bikas

    Pappu was holidaying abroad while hundreds died in Uttarakhand

  • murugan v

    Whatsoever, Rahul Gandhi is the undeclared prime minister of India. Before last general elections, Manmohan Singh had pompously declared that he is ready to step down so that Rahulji assumes the charge of next prime minister. Last week again, he has created history as well as a smokescreen before the general elections next year, and repeated the same statement that Rahul should be the next PM. But at the same time, MMS has declared that he is not hesitant to go for another term himself. He has just been elected as a Rajya Sabha member and he is now immune to the vagaries of next general elections whether the congress party wins or loses. With Rahul it is okay as he is venerated by MMS as the undeclared PM of India. After all, MMS is the declared PM of India as a proxy for Rahul and Rahul seems to be happy with that arrangement..

  • m

    This is not a faking news..its a true news..

    • wala

      Very true.

      That is the tragedy here.

      They publish a true story in ‘faking news’ style.

  • anand

    What I don’t understand is that how can he have fans!!!!!

    • rana

      The fans are the same people because of whom congress has ruled our country for 65+ yrs.

  • hg

    Rahul is very capable. It has been proved again. He has won the match of Hide and seek. He desrves to be PM. After all this is the most required quality of UPA PM. Specially after doing all their corruption.

  • tughlaq

    Actually, the party guys forced our beloved Rahul baba to hide himself on some unknown place. They know it very well that Rahul baba is very ‘dayalu’ type man, he is very kind man by nature.

    This tragic started on 16th of June (or even on 15th of June, as per a couple who left this place on that day and they said they saw it on 15th of June. They are from Pune, anyway).

    Just before Rahul baba’s birthday this happened in Uttarakhand.

    So they hide him after the flood started, otherwise Rahul baba may announce Rs 5 lakh as compensation for all who lost their life in this flood.

    Now you know, why Rahul baba is hiding!

    (take it as a faking comment, please)

  • ajith

    Its time Mr. Rahul made it clear where and with whom he has spend his Birthday with .

    Missing during the national disaster in uttrakhand

  • Jitendra Desai

    Eventually they found him doing sorties in Uttarakhand.

  • Pappu fan

    ‘Pappu diwas’ is hilarious . I am not able to stop my laughter . Some body help me.