Mumbai. In the first of such a case reported anywhere, an HR manager was so impressed with the “objective” statement written on the top of the résumé that he immediately hired the candidate for the job.

The HR manager couldn’t resist the magical temptation of “To use my skills to the full potential with utmost quality assurance and to align myself with the professional growth and goals of the organization with which I seek a long term career and relationship” and right away called the candidate to confirm his employment.


The manager searched for keywords in the résumé and found them in the job objective statement

“Yes, come and join us tomorrow. We are assured of your quality. Use your skill. Align yourself,” told the manager on phone to a stunned Rahul, who had applied for the post of sales executive in Datarocks Private Limited.

Rahul had copied the ‘objective’ statement from the résumé of his friend, who was rejected for the same job last month. His friend too had copied it from someone else’s resume, it seems. Preliminary investigations couldn’t ascertain the origin of the legendary objective statement.

However, the statement, which had been copied-pasted like a Rajinikanth joke on everyone’s profile, finally worked for Rahul, who got the job offer purely based on the cryptic sentence.

“Oh no, no interview is needed. You can take charge tomorrow,” the impressed manager told Rahul, who couldn’t believe his ears and luck.

Recruitment experts and college placement cells’ chairpersons confirm that this occurrence is as rare as a management consultant completing a project without opening Microsoft PowerPoint even once.

“But I welcome the development; this would encourage students and job seekers to invest more time into writing original and meaningful ‘objectives’ on their résumés,” an HR professor from the leading management institute of India told Faking News.

“What the hell! People actually read those?” reacted an MBA student from the same institute, “Next what? They would locate and contact the clubs listed under ‘extra-curricular activities’ to confirm if I was a member of!?”

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  • Parth Pathak

    Happy rahul gandhi jayanti….

  • MBA

    pakka written by a b-school guy ;)

  • Ritwik

    Haha.. even “references” (unless asked for) are not needed I guess.

  • Abhishek Prakash

    “Next what? They would locate and contact the clubs listed under ‘extra-curricular activities’ to confirm if I was a member of!?”

    What will happen to those: won several debate, essays and painting competition at school??

  • Someone

    Most popular extra-curricular activities:

    Cricket – where EVERYONE was a captain in the school team

    Reading – just Chetan Bhagat

    Movies – Bollywood one – but don’t ask me who V. Shantaram was