Nitish Kumar had obliquely suggested to Narendra Modi that he should wear topi as well as sport tilak if he wanted to win elections. Someone else was listening.

Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav

How Lalu Yadav cracked the Nitish Kumar code and won the bypoll for the Maharajganj Lok Sabha seat in Bihar.

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  • sonia goondi

    NitPick Kumar does not understand that the Bihari community, after enjoying NaMo’s hospitality in Surat, is whole heartedly with Modi. NitPick has not been able to offer them a peaceful life which evidently NaMo has provided to them in Gujarat. Biharis know that unlike Maharashtra and even their own state, they are totally safe in NaMo’s Gujarat. Hence NaMo chalisa.

    • Jatayu

      Wow…nice name you chose for yourself :-)

  • Amak4u

    Maharjganj was lost because of the Modi-Modi combine. Nitish Kumar eat your words and ‘topi’.