Most of our ministers and leaders are adult (biologically) and hence are able to control their facial expressions. Else this is how they’d look if they were babies:

(advance apologies to everyone who loves babies)

Confident Baby

“Even FBI can’t find where I have hidden the money”

Shocked Baby

“Never suspected that ALL my phones are tapped!”

Shocked Baby

“Oh No! They found the money!?”

Cunning Baby

“There is no proof that I ate the fund. Why should I resign?”

Shameless Baby

“Law will take its own course”

Baby before Arnab

“I have already withdrawn my statement and apologized”

Salman Baby

Farukhabad aa toh jaoge, per wapas jaa kar bhi dikhao


Cabinet meeting to discuss liquidity and inflation

Amul Baby

Ready for a bigger role / Ready to address the nation

Government Baby

Policy Paralysis (government at work)

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