Ladakh. Tired of getting ignored by the UPA government, Chinese soldiers camping in Ladakh have demanded the resignation of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Chinese troops have intruded 19 kilometers deep inside the Indian Territory in Ladakh, at Rakki Nullah in Daulat Beg Oldi sector over couple of weeks back. They have put up tents at the site and even deployed dogs, but the Indian government is not impressed.

Dr. Singh

Prime Minister’s reaction to the whole development

Speaking to Faking News, one of the soldiers Lin Wang said, “What is going on? We have been here for nearly 3 weeks now and are still being consistently ignored. Is this how you treat people who have come to your country? We demand immediate resignation of the man running this government.”

Another soldier, Xie Li said, “We tolerated Paneer Manchurian, we tolerated Gobi Manchurian but we won’t tolerate being compared to an Acne. We are no Phoonsi-Phoda man. We don’t need any ointment, we just need some attention.”

When asked whether they were considering an attack on Delhi, Lin Wang said, “Oh no, not at all! We have heard that India is the Muhammad Ali of countries. We are really scared since then of getting beaten up. Therefore, we are going to try non-violent measures to make our voices heard.”

Sources have informed us that Chinese soldiers have constructed a cheaper replica of Jantar-Mantar in Daulat Beg sector where these soldiers plan to stage a protest against PM Manmohan Singh. They might even go on a hunger strike, though they were seen preparing Hakka Noodles by this correspondent.

Expectedly, UPA has dismissed the demands of the Chinese soldiers. Speaking to media persons, External Affairs Minister, Mr. Salman Khurshid said, “These Chinese soldiers know that we have bought a truckload of Acne-removal cream. They are just getting agitated seeing their end. The country’s future is secure under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi.”

Meanwhile, strategic expert R. Baman has said that this was just a ploy by the Chinese soldiers to mix with the locals. Mr. Baman said, “Chinese soldiers have observed that demanding Manmohan Singh’s resignation is a very Indian thing to do, and every Indian does it. So they have also started making this demand to mix with the local population.”

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