Mumbai. With the dance steps of the soulful song ‘dil jumping jepang jumpak jumpak’ being well advertised across various media platforms, BCCI is hopeful that it will be ready with an army of cheerleaders that would instinctively burst into synchronized dancing as soon as some action happens on cricket field.

“IPL has just started and we have reports that people have actually started dancing as tutored by Farah Khan. By the end of the IPL, we are hopeful of programming our viewers into cricket dancers i.e. cheerleaders,” claimed IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla doing the ‘gilli gilli aaw’ step.

Farah Khan IPL

IPL has asked people not to restrict themselves to watching TV, but to start dancing as well.

Sources tell Faking News that Mr. Shukla, who is also a Congress leader and a Union Minister, wanted to term this whole cheerleading training program as Rahul Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Yojna, but the idea was dropped at the last moment.

“There is no guarantee that people who learn such dance steps would actually get any job. This could have spread further dissatisfaction among the voters as they would have seen it as another false promise,” the source revealed.

When asked that what exactly does BCCI and IPL want to achieve by creating this army of cheerleaders when it might not help in any employment generation, Mr. Shukla said, “It is not only about jobs; it will help in capacity building of the masses and they can take part in reality shows like Nach Baliye or Dance India Dance.”

Meanwhile some puritans have started a petition demanding a ban on ‘jumpak thumpak’ dance claiming that it was killing test cricket Bharatnatyam.

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