Ahmedabad. In a second blow to Narendra Modi in the same day, Supreme Court directed the Gujarat government to move Ravindra Jadeja out of the state to make sure cricketing talent was evenly distributed across the country.

Earlier, the apex court had asked Gujarat to transfer some lions to Madhya Pradesh – an event that was seen as a ‘Blow to Modi’ by some news channels.

Ravindra Jadeja

Everyone wants Sir Jadeja

“Gujarat can afford to give a few lions to Madhya Pradesh, but we won’t let Sir Ravindra Jadeja go anywhere,” declared Jignesh Jadeja, all India President of Sir Jadeja Fan Club.

Currently, the all-rounder is playing IPL and representing Chennai Super Kings. Following the court orders, he could be transferred to Delhi Daredevils, currently lying at the bottom of the points table.

“This is in line with inclusive growth that the center supports. BCCI and UPA welcome the court’s decision. We will facilitate Sir Jadeja’s transfer to Delhi Daredevils,” IPL chief and Congress leader Rajiv Shukla told Faking News.

But sources confirm that the decision could be opposed not only by the fans of Ravindra Jadeja, who are growing exponentially in numbers with each passing day, but also by political parties belonging to Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

“This might cause Gujarat and Tamil Nadu to come together and oppose Delhi,” analyzed a politics-cum-cricket expert, “The only difference is that earlier when they came together, chances of a Gujarati going to Delhi had increased, while this time they will come together to lessen the chances of a Gujarati going to Delhi.”

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  • yagyesh

    Where is the sir in the title. U cant disrespect talents like this.

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    dude this is epic, just dont hv enuff words. inclusive growth, pol cum cric expert, guju goin 2 del.. such strong punches. awesome.

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    Your title doesn’t have SIR…this is really shocking, before SIR decides to ban faking news please correct your title..

  • Ittiam

    Brilliant article… This takes pot shots at some many things so elegantly

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