New Delhi. After hearing Sheila Dixit say that her daughter feels unsafe in Delhi during her interview with NDTV, Delhi police has sprung into action. They have decided to set up a special force to provide security to Sheila Dixit’s daughter.

The special task force named SDPG (Sheila’s Daughter Protection Group), not to be confused with the other SDPG (Sonia’s Damaad Protection Group) will consist of the best officers of Delhi Police and will provide 24 X 7 protection to Latika Dixit Syed, Sheila Ji’s daughter. The task force comprising of 1,000 policemen will accompany Latika Dixit Syed wherever she goes.

Sheila Dixit

Sheila Dixit refused to comment over the development as she talks only to a few media houses

Speaking to Faking News, a Delhi police official said, “It is a matter of great shame for us that we can’t even make the daughter of the Chief Minister feel secure. We wish Sheila Ji had told us this in private instead of embarrassing us on national TV. Now, we have taken a pledge that we won’t rest till we ensure safety and security for Latika ji.”

“Initially we thought about hiring Salman Khan as her bodyguard but he said he doesn’t have any free time as he is busy shooting films and preparing for court appearances so  he can not commit to this assignment. That is when we decided to form a special task force from our own staff. List of officers hasn’t been finalized yet as we need to find 1,000 policemen who can live without hafta as we don’t expect to get any money from the Dixits. The 1,000 crore rupees earmarked under Nirbhaya fund isn’t enough for everyone to make money. Wish FM had allocated 1 Lakh crores for women safety,” he added.

When we asked the official whether devoting such a large number of officers to protect one person will lead to an even more insecure environment for women in Delhi due to the lack of police force for general public, he answered, “Delhi girls are brave-hearts and women of courage, why do they need protection? We need to protect the meek, not the courageous. Even in case something happens to them, their relatives get money, government jobs and flats in Delhi, I think they are better off unprotected.”

Meanwhile, a little surprisingly, some Delhi citizens we interviewed welcomed this move, a Delhi University student Sonia said, “Why just 1000, can’t they send every cop and his friend to protect Sheila ji and her family? At least some goons will be off the roads then and we will feel safer.”

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  • Abhimanyu

    I suspect this article will join the likes of axe article and will be taken as not faking news by some

  • Natraj Chaturvedi

    kadva sach

  • neeraj kumar

    no sarcasm, seems like a very true story….hats off FN

  • kamlesh s chaudhary

    joytaba college of nursing in bhandu lcit collage dist-mehsana state-gujarat this collage principal and rakesh patel and two medm today hit and torcher to girls student and all gerlls are showing but don’t tell this girls perents and now she is in the hospitel she is vere serias so please send to argent this message to narendra modi this collage in all girls are in risk and this metter in 3rd time so please argent action to this collage and today this girls in hospital most wonted rakesh patel in lcit bhandu and this metter shortly convert to delhi geng rep case so please dear sir argent action this case in dist-mehsana village-bhandu lcit cempus

  • Avinash she herself was charged with assaulting someone. Don’t think she needs protection

  • David

    Awesome Funny article but for one line which i wish is deleted from the article – “Even in case something happens to them, their relatives get money, government jobs and flats in Delhi, I think they are better off unprotected”
    As if Girls would wish such plight on them t get Govt Jobs and Flats. This is an insensitive line in an otherwise brilliant Satire