According to media reports, various articles and news reports critical of IIPM were blocked by the Department of Telecommunications following a court order. These include six articles by Faking News as well!

No notice, not even an e-mail, was sent to Faking News at any time by any IIPM representative or any government authority. At least they should have explained why they thought the articles were defamatory or offensive, which finally led them to block the access.

Satire or humor can rub some people on the wrong side, as there is always an “object” of the humor, but the solution is not to block public access. Arindam Chaudhuri could just have said “Faking News is awesome” and he could’ve taken his sweet revenge.

Anyway, we are reposting all the news articles that have been blocked. Find out yourself what could have upset the concerned parties. You can find it by going to next pages (if not seeing a ‘single page’ view).

Also, Here is the list of all Faking News articles that star Arindam Chaudhuri or IIPM: and

Funnily, “news articles” with headlines such as “Apple announces free IIPM degrees with every purchase of laptop“, or “Arindam Chaudhuri ranked number one in legal exposure” have not been blocked. We are grateful to the DoT and Prof Chaudhuri for this benevolence.

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