Few hours after Rahul Gandhi was officially given a bigger role by being appointed the Vice President of  the Congress party, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh got a few mailers in his inbox offering him retirement plans.

One of the mailers looked like this:

Retirement Plan for MMS

Sources say Dr. Singh is seriously considering to buy a plan before the economy takes further bad shape or before someone worse than him becomes the Prime Minister.

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  • nagz

    Oh yeah. hilarious!

  • gadha

    “Just give a missed call, no need to say anything”!! Good one!! This retirement plan has been customized for ScamMohan Singh!!

    “before …. somebody worse than him becomes the PM of India” — another good jibe!! With Rahul Gandhi’s “promotion” in Congress party, the possibility of somebody worse than ScamMohan become PM of India is becoming brighter by the day. After the silent fool running India for 10 years, we might see a reluctant idiot taking over as the PM.