New Delhi. Taking no lessons from his gaffe where he appeared to have compared the IQs of Swami Vivekananda and Dawood Ibrahim, BJP President Nitin Gadkari has now compared Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, causing massive outrage in the online world.

“Technically speaking, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are both web browsers,” Gadkari is reported to have said when the crowds erupted in outrage.

Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari reacts after his latest comments

“What crap!” objected Prem Kumar Google, “Who uses Internet Explorer as browser!?”

Gadkari tried to explain that his intentions were not to compare but to contrast both the browsers and eventually prove how Internet Explorer was such a waste, but no one was ready to buy his arguments.

“Oh really? What next? Compare Micromaxx and iPhone and prove that iPhone is a better buy? Dude, you don’t do such useless comparisons,” said iMtiaz, an outraged netizen.

Experts believe that the latest gaffe by Gadkari could prove to be the last nail in the coffin for the BJP President.

“BJP can’t afford to offend the online world where it commands huge support,” Dharmendra Yadav, an expert declared, “I think Gadkari will have to say sorry and resign.”

Sources tell Faking News that the Congress party was ready to take advantage of the situation and planned to flood the internet with pictures of Rahul Gandhi using Chrome, but the plans couldn’t materialize.

“Rahul Gandhi ji said that he was not yet ready for the bigger role,” a Congress source told us, “He said that at best he could accept the no. 2 position, and unfortunately Internet Explorer was at the no. 2 position in the global web browser usage data.”

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  • ravindra rajput

    lovely… I love your sense of humor/sarcasm

  • Kavi

    too funny! :D

  • B

    the humor seems to have faded from this website.

    • Rahul

      no dude, the flesh lost by Gadkari around his waist has gone to your brain.

  • Manish

    ROFL! “micromaxx and iPhone!”

  • Naren

    Gadkari’s photo captures so well his present situation.. lol

  • Raj

    hahaha.. Gadkari scored a big self goal!

  • Rohit

    What next Gadcurry? comparing Facebook with Orkut? :P

    • Santosh

      or IRCTC with eBay

  • ponic

    Good one.

  • Shoaib Syed

    i see an internet explorer ad at the bottom of the article…hahaha

  • Neeraj Kumar

    ……. said iMtiaz, an outraged netizen. mark the way i has been written for Imtiaz, the person who gve example of Micromax and iPhone