Bangalore. With no investment coming his way and banks not ready to loan more funds, Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya has decided to sell his company to Robert Vadra, a DLF certified outstanding businessman and the first son-in-law of the nation.

“There is no other way to save this business,” Mallya candidly admitted as he finalized the papers for the sell-off, “I have failed in running this business, and I am confident that Mr. Vadra will create wonders for the company as he did for DLF.”

Priyanka Gandhi with Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra with Priyanka Gandhi – he is much happier and successful than how he appears above.

The UB Group owner is reported to have expressed willingness to sell even his IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore to Robert Vadra.

“I am sure DLF will give interest free loans without any collateral to Mr. Vadra and help Kingfisher Airlines fly again, apart from helping RCB win the IPL-6 tournament that they sponsor,” Mallya hoped.

“Enough of CSK wins!” he added.

“A team owned by the title sponsor will give strong challenge to a team owned by title creators!” Mallya hoped.

Robert Vadra himself has not reacted to the offer but every leader in Congress was willing to offer a response.

“Why just Kingfisher or RCB? Vadra ji should also take over Air India, which is not very different from Kingfisher Airlines, and whole of IPL,” Congress leader and IPL chief Rajiv Shukla told Faking News.

BJP has refused to react over the developments until the unnamed political party of Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan says something. And as expected, Kejriwal has come down heavily on Vadra and Mallya.

“This proves that we were right!” Kejriwal said, “What great credentials or prodigy Robert Vadra has that he gets such easy business deals and offers on a platter? There is definitely something wrong.”

However, experts have said that Arvind Kejriwal was being “naïve” in his allegations and assumptions.

“Of course Vadra has a great credential – he belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family!” an expert argued, “If being a member of this family is good enough a credential to become the Prime Minister or the Super Prime Minister, why can’t someone get a an interest and collateral free loan of just 65 crores rupees?”

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  • Debra Jones


  • Kavi

    “Enough of CSK wins!”

  • abhishek

    DLF certified outstanding businessman and the first son-in-law of the nation… nice sattire…but unfortunately true

  • Ajit Vadakayil


    I have been posting about Robert Vadra’s illgotten DLF
    millions more than 2 years ago. We all know what his father Rajinder Wadhera
    was worth and what he did.

    His own class mates tell about his poor financial condition
    in school.

    Latest ones are —

    Punch into google search—


    Poor priyanka— she was unlike her “not so bright” brother. Uncle Quatrocchi pushed her into a hole by
    introducing her to Robert in his house.

    Capt ajit vadakayil


  • Satyavrat Singh

    we must respect vadra ji, ever subrmanyam swami do not say anything about him. after all he is rsahtria damad.

  • ponicmon

    This line is superb.
    Of course Vadra has a great credential – he belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family!